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We hope you’re safe and well in the recent winter weather that has hit every corner of Oregon hard in the last week. The legislature cancelled some committee meetings and legislative work this week due to power outages and unsafe conditions, but that hasn’t slowed my advocacy that we put on a full-court-press to provide relief for struggling Oregonians.

Raising Taxes on Unemployment Insurance? Really?

As we all know, the Governor’s mandatory business shutdowns have had significant economic impacts and forced many Oregon employers to lay off hardworking employees, causing an all-time high in unemployment insurance (UI) claims. Now, just as we try to rebuild our economy and help these employers get back on their feet, the Employment department has raised UI taxes in 2021 (using 2020 data) on many employers by double, triple, or more on these employers that had no part in choosing to shut down and no choice but to lay off their employees. This isn’t right.  

That’s why I introduced Senate Bill 760 which would revert all the Unemployment Insurance Taxes for Employers back to their 2020 rate, using pre-COVID-19 data from 2019 rather than 2020 data where the uptick in claims would be considerably higher and clearly an outlier. 

We have a responsibility to make sure that the UI Trust Fund is still able to provide laid off employees with the assistance they need in the future, but we cannot continue to raise taxes and financial burdens on employers that have struggled to survive the devastating impacts of COVID-19. 

Senate Republicans Introduce Tax Relief and Recovery Package for Struggling Oregonians

On Wednesday, the Senate Republicans announced a full slate of bills that would implement common-sense economic recovery measures that would help Oregonians get back to work, keep more money in their pocket, and support our struggling businesses.

The tax relief and recovery package will be the first of many packages Senate Republicans will be introducing to address Oregonians pressing needs.

Here are bills I’ve sponsored or co-sponsored as part of this relief package:

  • SB 521: Exempts basic necessities like prescription drugs, feminine hygiene products, diapers, and baby formula from the corporate activities tax.
  • SB 531: would establish an assistance fund for employers for lost income that resulted because of lockdown orders.
  • SB 760: would save small businesses from spiraling unemployment insurance increases.
  • SB 530 and SB 15: would reform the death tax so families who lose a loved one from COVID aren’t surprised on top of their grieving by getting met with an unexpected tax bill from the state.
  • SB 545: Grants special property tax exemptions for disabled veterans.
  • SJR 21: proposes an amendment to the Oregon Constitution to prohibit the Legislature from raising unnecessary taxes.
  • SB 330: would create a tax credit for housing providers who lost income because of non-payment of rent.

Read the Senate’s full press release and relief package here.

Landlord Relief - Apply Now

During 2020, the Oregon Legislature enacted an eviction moratorium to provide relief to renters who were hit hard during the pandemic and unable to cover costs. Knowing the result would have a negative financial impact to our landlords over this time, we also established the Landlord Compensation Fund which includes $150 million for relief.

The Landlord Compensation Fund is now accepting applications. Landlords whose applications are selected for funding will receive 80% of unpaid rent they are owed by current qualified tenants (from April 2020 on) and the remaining 20% of unpaid rent is forgiven.

The February application will be open until March 2 and cover rent debt accrued from April 2020 – February 2021. This round of application includes $50million of the total $150million available for this program. If you’d like to apply, read this handout which includes and explains five steps landlords can take to apply for rental assistance and contact information in case landlords have any questions,

Are you a renter or a homeowner who may need assistance? Tenants can call or text 2-1-1 or reach out to their local community action agency. Additionally, homeowners in need of support can access assistance through the Oregon Homeownership Stabilization Initiative.

The fund only covers about 30% of the need which is why last week, I joined Sen. Betsy Johnson as a Co-Sponsor on Senate Bill 330 which establishes an income tax credit for forgiveness by landlord of tenant's nonpayment of rent or other charges.

 February Joint Virtual Town Hall

Please join me, Representative Mark Owens and Representative Daniel Bonham for our next joint virtual town hall. With over 4,000 bills introduced already and many things on the move, we want to make sure to stay connected with you as often as possible.

The virtual town hall will take place on Wednesday, February 24 from 5:30 PM - 6:30 PM PDT. Register here today to reserve your spot:


JVTH 2/21


We'll discuss and take questions about the upcoming legislative session, schools and businesses, issues in our communities and your priorities for us as your legislative leaders going forward.

We have learned a lot from you in these town halls and this helps us serve you better by being your voice in Salem. Most importantly, we want to hear from you and give you an opportunity to ask questions, share what's on your mind and how we can help represent you. Questions can be submitted in advance, using Q&A during the event or asked live during the virtual town hall. The event is open to the public and media. You can join us via Zoom or join us via Facebook Livestream. If you decide to participate via Zoom, you must register prior to attending the event.

Respond with your questions to or include it when you register.


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