COVID-19 Updates 9/25/2020

Rep. Sollman

Friends and Neighbors,

September Revenue Forecast

The September revenue forecast was released this week and is up about $2 billion from the June forecast. For 2021-23, the forecast projects a $2.8 billion deficit between revenues and current service levels. So, while today’s forecast indicates that there is a $1.7 billion ending fund balance for the 2019-2021 biennium, if the legislature doesn’t spend any money in the 2021 session, we would still have a $1.1 billion deficit in 2021-2023. It is worth noting that state economists, in their projections, assume another federal economic stimulus. Economists expect the recovery to take about three years. The forecast obscures the painful impacts being felt by low-income Oregonians who have been disproportionately affected. Most of the additional revenue comes from the state's highest earners and corporations who waited until July to make their tax payments. 

We are still facing a deep recession that is disproportionately impacting lower-income communities. We have to address the income inequality that is clear in this forecast. The Legislature took a measured approach to rebalancing the budget in August, which will help protect critical services that are essential to encouraging an equitable recovery. We must continue to stand up for every Oregonian, ensuring historically marginalized communities in this state are not yet sidelined in the next economic recovery. I’m disturbed to see the continued racial poverty gap throughout the state in the latest forecast. We need to do all we can to address this gap during this recovery. I will prioritize helping all those affected by wildfires and the COVID-19 crisis as we work to aid this economic recovery.

Governor Updates

Thank you Governor Brown for the reminder!

With silent spread, people who have COVID-19 are spreading the virus without even knowing they have it. Learn the tips for how we can all reduce silent spread.

Wear mask1

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Visit for the latest ways to live and work safely during the pandemic.

Education Updates

Back to School Checklist for Parents and Caregivers from Family Forward Action

Back to School Checklist

Visit to download the free checklist and for more information on the following topics:

  • Family and Medical Leave
  • Unemployment Assistance
  • Child Care Leave
  • Finding Child Care
  • Paying for Child Care
  • Support for Working Part-Time
  • Rent Assistance 
  • Food Assistance
  • Legal Action for Workplace Discrimination
  • Financial Help for Undocumented Workers

Message from Oregon Higher Education Coordinating Commission’s Executive Director Ben Cannon

The fall term is beginning, and we welcome the students, educators, and staff across our postsecondary education and training landscape who are new or returning to school, whether in-person or remotely, under extraordinary circumstances. So many of you are simultaneously rising to meet the challenges of numerous crises: unprecedented wildfires, the global pandemic, structural racism and deep inequities in postsecondary education, and an economic recession that threatens to sharpen existing inequities across racial/ethnic and economic lines. In the midst of this confluence of challenges, we hear stories daily of Oregon students and educators' perseverance, creativity, and success. We believe in you, and we believe in the incredible potential of postsecondary education and training to equip you and your communities to emerge strong for the future.

Our hearts go out to all who have been impacted by the terrible wildfires our state has endured. If you or people you know are seeking information, please access, a state resource hub that includes information on disaster aid, emergency housing, key links and alerts. I extend special gratitude toward the firefighters and first responders, and all who have responded quickly across our communities to assist evacuees. The HECC and our institutional partners have contributed swiftly to this response, from supporting the many firefighters across the state who are also college students, to connecting dislocated workers from fire areas with resources and job opportunities, to leveraging volunteer power, to opening facilities for evacuees. At the same time, we continue to act urgently in response to the multi-layered impacts of COVID-19: engaging colleges and universities on public health standards to the health of our communities as the fall academic year begins, providing rapid response resources to Oregonians experiencing layoffs, responding to evolving workforce needs, and more. I'm pleased to report that, thanks to the Governor's leadership, HECC is currently working on administering $10 million in federal emergency funding to support students facing hardships resulting from the pandemic, and to support implementation of online learning at public institutions.

While this issue of our newsletter is focused on our many roles in crisis response, we are also focused on our long term obligation to equitably serve all Oregonians, and to fund higher education and training at a level to do so. You can learn more in this newsletter about a landmark step in the state postsecondary education and workforce training budgeting process, the completion of the HECC's Agency Request Budget for the 2021-23 biennium. You can also access here the latest reports showing the critical work our public university colleges of education are doing to foster equity and diversity in the K-12 educator workforce. During a time of overlapping crises that threaten to deepen existing inequities in our education landscape, it is more important than ever that we make intentional equity-based funding, leadership, and policy decisions. We look forward to engaging many of you in coming months as we work together to support the critical role postsecondary education and training can play in Oregon's resilience and recovery.

I wish you and your loved ones continued health, safety, and strength.

Read the full newsletter HERE.

Employment Department Updates

The Oregon Employment Department is on track to distribute LWA benefits by the end of September and Waiting Week payments by the end of November. For more information on the agency’s timelines, watch Tuesday’s hearing at the legislature.


Business Updates

OSU Extension Service-Washington County


SBA Loans Update


The following is the latest update for Approved Loans and Dollars Amounts at the State of Oregon regarding the SBA Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL) for the COVID-19 Disaster Declaration.

Economic Injury Disaster LoanFigures as of September 13, 2020

  • Approved Loans = 37,551
  • Dollar Amount = $ 2,073,123,590

Additional Resources

 House District 30 Links

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Utilities Assistance

Food and Housing Assistance

Voting resources for wildfires

This has been another busy week of legislative activity and a heavy week in the news. Please take care of yourself. Reach out to a friend, a loved one or one of many of the services out there that are geared to help us process all that we are going through. The bottom line is, you are not alone.

Be good to yourself and each other. ❤

Onward & Upward,


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