PRESS RELEASE: House Republicans Respond to Executive Order 20-12

Representative Vikki Breese Iverson

from the



For Immediate Release

March 24, 2020

Contact: Tayleranne Gillespie, 541-554-6631,


House Republicans Respond to Executive Order 20-12


Salem, ORE. – Today, the Oregon House Republican Caucus sent a letter to Governor Kate Brown. The letter is available below:


Governor Brown,

We are in uncharted territory, and the House Republican Caucus stands ready to work
with our colleagues in the Oregon Legislature to respond quickly and responsibly to
threats to public health and our economy. It is important that any action taken by the
state balance the immediate health risks with the long-term well-being of our families
through support for employees and main street businesses.

We continue to strongly support stay at home recommendations, social distancing,
handwashing and less frequent person-to-person contact. The Stay Home Stay Safe
initiative is appropriate and needed.

Executive Order 20-12 is the most restrictive action taken to date and has significant
impacts on businesses and consumers. While we broadly support this action, we also
believe it comes with an obligation on behalf of the Governor’s office to ensure this
order is bolstered with additional access to information in order to be carried out in a
clear and transparent manner.

We request the following:

• Provide legislators and the public with a clear data-based standard for changes
to Executive Order 20-12 moving forward. With this, we urge an approach that
continues to protect public health while limiting harm to the economy, by
communicating with the public that these are temporary measures that will be
re-evaluated within a clear framework as circumstances change.

• Provide additional information on health care system capacity, with regular
updates on COVID-19 hospitalizations including patient acuity data and recovery              rates to ensure executive and legislative actions are responsive to
maintaining systemwide resilience and readiness.

• Provide a one-stop Coronavirus Information Office for individuals and
businesses seeking assistance and information to ensure our response to
COVID-19 interrupts a public health crisis and prevents an economic collapse.

It is imperative that people understand the need for this action in order to achieve a
high level of compliance to slow the spread of COVID-19. We urge you to remain in
constant contact with the Legislature and the public with information related to the
effectiveness of the order and to continue to consult lawmakers if and when it needs to
be modified or expanded.

The response to COVID-19 is and needs to remain a bipartisan effort. Our
commitment to working together for the benefit and well-being of all Oregonians has
never been stronger.


House Republican Leader Christine Drazan