Affordable Housing Town Hall coming up on May 4th!

Jack Zika

Affordable Housing Town Hall on May 4th

Hello Friends,

It has been another busy week here in Salem as we have roughly two months left in the 2019 legislative session. During this time, in session, various bills have been passed or introduced that will impact Central Oregonians over the next several years.

Many of these bills include legislation surrounding Affordable Housing. Considering we are facing a housing crisis, it’s important to highlight these bills and monitor some of those proposals as they soon become law. That’s why, next week, I will be hosting an Affordable Housing Town Hall. The town hall will be on May 4th from 9 AM-11 AM at Redmond’s City Hall. This forum is meant to be an open discussion about housing, and I will be answering questions surrounding this topic. From rent control to multi-family housing, and new projects there is much to discuss.

Here is a brief highlight of some of the bills that have become law or are under consideration.

Senate Bill 608- The “Rent Control” bill that restricts a landlord’s ability to issue no-cause evictions to tenants living in a rental under 12 months; Caps the maximum annual rent increase to 7% plus the consumer price index.

House Bill 2001- Requires cities with a population greater than 10,000 to allow multi-family housing in lands zoned for single-family dwellings within urban growth boundaries.

House Bill 2055- Establishes a Greater Oregon Housing Accelerator Program to provide the support of infrastructure and redevelopment of workforce housing.

House Bill 2336- A modified version of 2016’s House Bill 4079 that would allow Redmond in an affordable housing pilot project program. The program would include 485 new and affordable homes to Redmond.

House Bill 2802- Proposes strategic initiative to create a Critical Repair and Healthy Homes Program, to help address home repair and health and safety needs for Central Oregon families.

I will also have City Manager Keith Witcosky there to talk about the passage of the Redmond Pilot Project Bill (HB 2336) that will set the gears into motion for the construction of affordable homes in Skyline Village. House Bill 2336 was a bipartisan effort where we all agreed that we need more housing supply to combat the Housing shortage here in Central Oregon. The time is now to bring this pilot project program to a more statewide audience. Other communities are facing similar situations like Redmond with the inability to build more affordable homes. I am hoping we can start this dialogue on May 4th. 

For more information on our town hall, please visit the following Facebook event link:

Please email us at or call our office at 503-986-1453 with questions or comments regarding next week’s town hall.

Yours truly,


Representative Jack Zika


Special thanks to folks from the Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) for visiting the Capitol to discuss issues around child abuse and neglect. Thank you for all you do. 

Civil Support Teams and Armory Aviation

Earlier this week, I toured the Civil Support Teams and Armory Aviation at the Diebert Flight Operations Facility with members of the Veterans & Emergency Preparedness committee. We had a great experience! 

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