Governor Signs Redmond Housing Bill!

Jack Zika

Governor Signs Redmond Housing Bill!

Hello Friends,

We’ve had a very productive week at the Capitol with several of our key bills moving forward that will benefit Central Oregon!

The Redmond Affordable Housing Bill was signed by the Governor earlier this week.  At the adjournment of our legislative session, Redmond will be able to start implementing this project that will bring 485 homes to our community. We will continue to update you as this project progresses.

Other good news this week as the House passed our replacement dwelling on-farm use zones bill with bipartisan support. House Bill 3024 would amend the 2013 criteria. It does not authorize any new dwellings in Exclusive Farm Use zones, it just simply allows a farmer to replace dwellings that are currently on the property, or that were on the property at one time, but were removed or converted to a use other than a residence at some point in the past

The 2013 law created interpretation confusions among The Counties, The Oregon Land Use Board of Appeals, and the Oregon Court of Appeals. It is the Legislature’s job to clarify statute on any law that is passed by this Assembly, and HB 3024 does just that. I am thrilled to announce that the House voted in support of our rural communities. I wanted to ensure that our communities did not have a lot of red-tape when replacing dilapidating dwellings on their property. This bill will remove these obstacles and help them preserve their family heritage and protect our family farms.

In 2016, voters overwhelmingly rejected Measure 97 a gross receipts tax on corporations. In answer to that, Democrats unveiled their “small business tax” earlier this week that would implement a gross receipts tax in Oregon. House Bill 3427 would tax small business by more than $2 billion over the next biennium. A gross receipts tax is another regressive tax where Central Oregonians could see a negative impact on their household incomes and will harm the very same people it's intended to help. The Majority Party needs to honor the voter's mandate and look to fund programs through existing revenue.

Finally, I will be hosting a town hall on May 4th at Redmond City Hall from 9-11 AM. More information to follow in the next few weeks.

If you have any questions or want to schedule a meeting, please call our office at 503-986-1453.

Yours truly,

Representative Jack Zika

Pastor Burtness

Pastor Eric Burtness from the Zion Lutheran Church came to the Capitol earlier this week to conduct the opening prayer prior to our House floor session. Thank you for your service to our community! 

OSU students

Oregon State University Day at the Capitol this week! Great to see OSU represented here in Salem! 


I was on "Think Out Loud" through OPB this week to discuss the mortgage interest deduction bill, HB 3349. Many homeowners utilize the mortgage interest tax deduction to pay and afford their mortgages. I am committed to protecting the American dream of home ownership. 

picture with kids

My family came to visit me at the Capitol this week! It's so great to see them during this busy time during session. 

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