House District 19 April 12, 2019

Representative Denyc Boles

Hello Friends,

Once again, this has been a busy week at the Capitol. Tuesday was the final day for many policy committees, and the end of many bills that did not move out of those committees to joint committees. Legislation will continue to include upcoming votes on a variety of issues impacting everyday life in Oregon. 

Living with Bag Bans...

This month the City of Salem rolled out the plastic bag ban on single use bags, just in a nick of time as we are teed up to vote on HB 2509, which would bring a statewide ban to single use bags and an added fee of 5 cents per paper bag if you fail to bring your own reusable bag at the checkout line.

The plastic bag ban is an interesting issue.  It will certainly mitigate harmful impacts to oceans, rivers, lakes, forests and the wildlife that inhabit them, which I saw firsthand while participating in the beach cleanup a few weeks ago.   It can also relieve pressure on landfills and waste management.   On the other hand, many people reuse these bags on a regular basis, as does my family.  We move between paper and plastic allowing us to cut household costs as we consistently used the plastic bags and garbage liners, found them useful in changing kitty litter, and at times were even leveraged for our kid’s school lunch containers- since by high school our kids rarely remembered to bring a lunch bag or box home. Paper bags were useful for cleaning out the fire place, and as liners for the recycle bins. Both were used to carry items to other locations- hiking, beach trips, or picnics. 

But we’ve moved onto canvas and the heavier plastic reusable bags that seem to be flying off the shelves with various logos in support of the organization giving them away.  While the bag ban may be one part of reducing plastics, I find it interesting I’ll need to buy plastic liners now, and it’s difficult to find food not wrapped or packaged in plastic, other than produce. As a family we decided to move towards reusable bags for a variety of reasons, which was our call.  But honestly, sometimes it feels frustrating each day in the capitol as the government decides if it doesn’t like our decisions, they just mandate for all. 

So in my quest toward good policy for all, please take a look at HB 2509. I’d love to know what your thoughts as I’m weighing the positives and negatives of this particular piece of legislation. Please take a moment to complete this survey. .

HB 2303: Making it easier to treat colds and allergies

HB 2303, co-sponsored by Rep Hayden (R-07) and Rep Post (R-25) deletes the state requirement that pseudoephedrine be classified as a Scheduled III controlled substance, and moves its classification in line with federal regulations, while retaining pharmacy oversight and reporting on who is accessing it and limiting the quantities that can be accessed.  Meaning you’ll be able to purchase these medications without a physician prescription, but they will be behind the counter and pharmacists will have a reporting system to track who is purchasing the medication and the volume they are purchasing. The reporting regulation aims to prevent individuals from drug shopping and purchasing large enough volumes to create meth labs. It is similar to the reporting system used in monitor opioids. It passed the House floor vote 33-22 (5 excused) and moves to the Senate for its First Reading Monday. If it becomes law it would begin January of 2020 and sunset December, 2023.

Boles Conversation April 9, 2019

Thank you for your conversation!

We had a great turn out this past Tuesday. Over 30 constituents joined me at Gilgamesh Brewing and discussed legislation topics ranging from firearm policy and vaccine mandates, to carbon reduction. With a lively group we shared great discussions on the realities these pieces of legislation will do for us. I love hearing and engaging and learning your varied points of views and issues. Thank you all for coming out. If you missed it, we’re excited for April 27th when we can do it again. Please join me Saturday April 27th, 2019 at 9:00am at the South Salem McDonalds located at 5090 Commercial St. SE.

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