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Senator Floyd Prozanski
South Lane and North Douglas Counties
District 4

900 Court St. NE, S-417, Salem Oregon 97301
Capitol phone: 503-986-1704
e-Bulletin                     April 2019

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Dear friends,

    Following two-and-a-half months of work, March 29 marked the Legislature's "first chamber work session posting deadline." This was the date by which most bills needed to be posted for committee action in their originating chamber. (Three committees — Rules, Revenue, and Ways & Means Committees — are not subject to the same deadline.) The deadline to move bills out of the first-chamber committee is this coming tomorrow, April 9.

    Numerous constituent groups have been visiting the Capitol during session to take part in "lobby days," when organizations advocate to legislators on a variety of issues. I also enjoy welcoming groups of schoolchildren to their Capitol. Thank you to everyone who takes the time to visit and make your voices heard!

        (Floyd spoke with a group from Elkton Charter School on March 13.)

    On March 18, I was proud to carry to passage in the Senate SB 832 — which I chief-sponsored — prohibiting the use of "cyanide bombs" in Oregon. These indiscriminate M-44 killing devices, meant to target coyotes and other predators, have harmed pets and humans, even posing a risk to first responders. The bill now awaits action in the Oregon House of Representatives, having been assigned to the Natural Resources Committee.

    Below you will find information on:

- ODOT Presentation in Eugene April 17: Emerging Transportation Tech
        - My Session Bills: SB 1031 (Woodsmoke Mitigation)
        - Creswell VFW Talks to Congress
        - Veterans Benefit Expo July 27 in Pendleton
        - Northwest Youth Corps Programs
        -"Shout Out" to Oregon State Police and Thoughtful Constituent

    I hope this information is helpful and informative for you or someone you know. As always, feel free to share your comments, questions or concerns with me by phone, mail or e-mail.

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ODOT Presentation in Eugene on April 17: Emerging Transportation Tech

    Advancements in transportation technology have the potential to transform the transportation system and the way Oregonians travel. Adam Argo, Principal Planner in ODOT's Transportation Development Division and Ali Lohman, Automated Vehicle Policy Analyst in ODOT's Office of Innovation, will be describe the Department's current and ongoing efforts to address these transformational technologies, including the Emerging Technologies Impact Assessment (ETIA) project.

    The ETIA is intended to: 1) consider how emerging transportation technologies such as Connected/Automated Vehicles (CV/AVs) and Mobility as a Service (MaaS) could transform Oregon's transportation system; 2) address Oregon-specific transportation challenges; and 3) evaluate the range of possible impacts. Following the presentation, ODOT wants to hear from you during Q&A!

My Session Bills: SB 1031 (Wood Smoke Mitigation)

    Following months of work by the Oakridge Wood Smoke Mitigation Project (OWMP), which I participated in, I was happy to introduce SB 1031 to provide funding for this important effort. When combined with creative community efforts, it will help lower PM 2.5 particulate levels in communities such as Oakridge. Many Oregonians who live in low income and rural areas cannot afford to upgrade from uncertified wood-burning stoves to certified wood, pellet gas and electric heating options. They need assistance of the sort provided by the OWMP and SB 1031.

    SB 1031 is currently scheduled for a public hearing in the Senate Committee on Environment & Natural Resources.

Creswell VFW Talk to Congress

    I'd like to share a story from the Creswell Chronicle about a recent visit to Congress by the local Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) during the organization's annual conference in Washington, D.C. The conference provided the Creswell VFW an opportunity to give personal input on one or more priorities at small, personal gatherings with members of Congressmen, including Representative Peter DeFazio. To read more, click here.

Veterans Benefit Expo July 27 in Pendleton

    For those who may be in the area or who have interest in traveling to attend, on Saturday, July 27, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., the Oregon Department of Veterans Affairs will host its annual state Veterans Benefit Expo at the Pendleton Convention Center, being held for the first time in Eastern Oregon. The Expo will feature "everything veteran under one roof." Veterans can learn about federal, state and local benefits including health care, disability compensation, pension, business, transportation, education, recreation, long-term card, records, IDs, home loans and more! For additional information or to apply to be a vendor, click here.

Northwest Youth Corps Programs

    Northwest Youth Corps (NYC) encourages youth and young adults to learn, grow, and experience success through education, leadership, community, empowerment, and challenge. NYC programs include residential conservation corps crews, local community corps crews, youth adventure camps, a fully accredited Outdoor High School, and a two-acre organic farm. For more information and to apply, click here.

"Shout Out" to Oregon State Police and a Thoughtful Resident

     A constituent recently shared with me a positive experience he had with the Oregon State Police. He was so grateful, that he later gifted a piece of his own artwork to OSP's Oakridge office!


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