Capitol Connnections March 22, 2019

Representative Denyc Boles

Capitol Connections....Taxes Set to Rise.

Hello Friends,

As of this week, at least 24 House Bills relating to tax increases had been referred to the House Revenue Committee, and an additional 11 House Bills relating to tax increases had been referred to the Joint Committee On Student Success Subcommittee on Revenue. Five of these 36 bills have had public hearings, and many more are scheduled for hearings.

These tax increases, if approved will impact all Oregonians, but especially those who earn income and pay personal income taxes, those who own property, those who save and invest, and those who own small, medium or large corporations, and those who use or distribute tobacco products. In summary, just about everyone will be impacted in an effort to raise revenue to fund ongoing costs incurred to expand and continue public service in Oregon.

Many legislators sponsoring these bills, report they aim to improve disparity and improve the economy of rural Oregon. Yet, there aren't “carve outs” in most of these revenue raising bills depending on where you live. Whether it’s rural Oregon or the Portland Metro area, you will pay more to live in Oregon if you earn income, own property or businesses, or purchase or distribute tobacco products.

These heavy-handed tax proposals are in addition to legislation on the carbon cap and trade, fines and fees slated for increase by various agencies, and the proposed cell phone surtax. While the Joint Ways and Means Co-Chair’s budget is not as ambitious as the Governor’s proposed budget, it still leaves me terribly concerned about how the extent of these combined taxes will impact working families.  

If you are interested in following these proposed increases or submitting public testimony on them they can be followed through House Revenue Committee and the Joint Committee on Student Services. The Revenue Committee is Chaired by Rep. Nathanson-D, with Co-Chairs Rep. Lynn Findley-R, and Rep. Pam Marsh-D. Public testimony on specific bills can be submitted through House Revenue email, Proposed increases through the Joint Committee on Student Success-Revenue are managed by Chair Sen. Mark Hass-D, with Co- Chairs Rep Nancy Nathanson-D. Public testimony on these bills can be submitted to If you’d like assistance on any of these specific bills, please call or email my office and we can assist you.

HB 2805- Improving Opportunties for Youth.

HB 2805 Testimony

 I had the opportunity on HB 2805 which I Chief Co-Sponsored with Rep. Cheri Helt (R-Bend). This bill is a step forward to put some framework around prioritizing kids coming out of foster care for housing opportunities. These kids are some of our most vulnerable, through no fault of their own. I believe they should be at the front of the line when we talk about homelessness.


Committee Updates:

Business and Labor Committee: This week the following legislation held hearings and work sessions:

o    HB 3023 Requires transportation network company that operates in this state to obtain license from Department of Transportation.

o    HB 3379 Permits local government to license and regulate vehicle-for-hire services and hired drivers.

o    HB 2016 Requires public employer to grant reasonable paid time to public employee who is designated representative to engage in certain activities.

Health Care Committee: Work sessions were held on several bills, listed below. In addition, the public hearing on HB 2217 which prohibits anyone other than patient from administering medication to end patient's life in humane and dignified manner, received extensive testimony.

  • HB 2638 Modifies membership and chairperson of Alcohol and Drug Policy Commission.
  •  HB 2563 Directs Oregon Health Authority to adopt rules requiring infants to be screened to detect certain diseases.
  • HB 2220 Authorizes trained and certified dentists to prescribe and administer vaccines.
  • HB 2609 Requires prescription monitoring system established by Oregon Health Authority to be accessible to dental director appointed by authority.
  • HB 2831 Provides funding to peer-run organizations in Portland metropolitan area, southern Oregon region and eastern and central Oregon region to operate peer respite centers to provide peer respite services to individuals with mental illness who experience acute distress, anxiety or emotional pain.
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