House District 19 March 15, 2019

Representative Denyc Boles

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Hello Friends,

Whether it’s hiking, beachcombing, or snowshoeing, we've spent hours enjoying Oregon’s mountains, beaches, and state parks. It’s another reason I enjoy representing this district where many of you have dedicated your livelihood to stewarding the natural resources that benefit our regional and state economies through the agriculture trade.

Oregon made national headlines this week when President Trump signed sweeping environmental legislation to protect 30,000 acres of old-growth rainforest in the Devil’s Staircase Wilderness and 250 miles of waterways under the (Wild and Scenic Rivers Act in Oregon). It was moved with bipartisan advocacy and support from Senators Ron Wyden and Greg Walden. Wyden dedicated the bill to former Governor Tom McCall noting in the media, “Nobody understood better than McCall that protecting public treasures shouldn’t be a partisan proposal."

Unfortunately, current Oregon environmental legislation is left leaning, and highly partisan. This week a public hearing was held on “Oregon Safe Waters Act,”  HB2656 which is co- sponsored by Rep. Salinas D-Lake Oswego and Rep. Powers D-Milwaukie.

 HB 2656  bans harvest, road building, and the use of pesticides and fertilizers in forestland that supplies drinking water for public sources essentially locking up over a million of acres of land. These lands are currently managed under a suite of state and federal regulations protective of water quality. Maintaining the productive use of private forests is critical to the economic and social stability of many Oregon counties and communities. This further tightens forestry and timber industry regulations and potentially compromises the economy of the Santiam Canyon and other areas. You can continue to submit written testimony, HB 2656 .

Committee Updates.....

Health Care Committee: We heard testimony last week on HB 2303 which would delete requirements that pseudoephedrine be classified as Schedule III controlled substance and change how this medication is distributed. It would essentially reverse many of the regulations adopted to reduce access to the ingredients used by meth labs during the early 2000s, as many feel this is no longer the issue it once was. Please let me know how you feel about this in this survey. HB 3063, which mandates all children receive vaccinations to attend public or private schools passed through committee and is headed to Joint Ways and Means Committee.

 Business & Labor Committee: Public Hearings this past week included:

o    HB 2016 Requires public employer to grant reasonable paid time to public employee who is designated representative to engage in certain activities.

o    HB 2885 Adds extended warranties to list of collateral charges for which manufacturer may need to compensate consumer when consumer returns motor vehicle that manufacturer cannot conform to manufacturer's express warranty.

o    HB 2489 Establishes conditions of enforceability for certain employment contracts or agreements.

Rules Committee: Hearings were held on several bills aimed at impacting campaign finance and elections.

o    HB 2716 Requires communications made in support of or opposition to candidate or measure to identify whether candidate, petition committee or political committee authorized communication.

o    HB 2983 Requires covered nonprofit to file donor identification list that identifies donors that made donations above specified amount to covered nonprofit if covered nonprofit makes aggregate political expenditures above specified amount.

o    HJR 13 Proposes amendment to Oregon Constitution to permit Legislative Assembly, governing body of city, county, municipality or district, or people through initiative process, to enact laws or regulations regulating use of moneys in political campaigns.

If you have questions or thoughts regarding legislation, please let us know!

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