A Fantastic February Newsletter!

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Hello friends and neighbors,

I hope you are well! February was a busy month for me; filled with hard work on my bills, countless committee meetings, and a lot of snow.  In Salem, the session is in full swing with many important issues coming before the legislature. I work hard to follow all the legislation being considered. Please do not hesitate to reach out to by sending an email to rep.susanmclain@Oregonlegislature.gov or by calling my office at 503-986-1429. I highly value hearing from my constituents!


SB 608 - Rent Control

This last week I voted in favor of Senate Bill 608, which Governor Brown signed on February 28th. My colleagues and I believe we are ensuring a fairer approach for tenants who have been subject to rent gouging and sudden no-cause evictions. Senate Bill 608 will provide predictability and stability to renters throughout the state, without discouraging new construction.

Many landlords do right by their tenants, but unreasonable rent increases and no-cause evictions are destabilizing some of our most vulnerable families. Statewide, individuals and families  have experienced median rent increases of 14 percent. After living and working in Forest Grove, Cornelius, and Hillsboro for 45 years and seeing how rapidly my constituents have been priced out of owning or renting, I believe we are in the midst of a housing emergency. This fact was reinforced by the many calls and letters my office received in support of SB 608. I strongly believe we need a toolbox of statewide solutions to help address the housing crisis that is affecting all Oregonians, and SB 608 is an important tool.

Two of my bills have also had a busy month with their first public hearings.


This bill would create a Household Hazardous Waste Stewardship program, and had its first hearing.

HHW Hearing


Household hazardous wastes (such as aerosols or paint thinners) can be dangerous for children, pets, and the environment. Leftover wastes from many consumer products can be toxic and sit in homes for years, only to be thrown away into landfills where toxins can find their way into the environment. This bill would create a takeback program where manufacturers of these dangerous substances properly and safely dispose of them.

I have been working on this bill over a few sessions now-- gaining more consensus and experience each year.  I am hopeful that we can get it passed this session.

Follow this link to learn more about the bill and follow it


I have been working on this bill for the last 18 months with a group of local government agencies and members of private industry to update how some aspects of our Qualification Based Selection (QBS) public contracting system. I am proud of how both sides of the issue were able to work together and create a true compromise that makes better and clearer processes.

QBS Hearing


Thank you to all the workgroup members. I am proud to have worked on this bill and I am excited to keep working on it until it is passed! This will help provide more information and make some aspects of the public contracting process more transparent, and create better public policy.

Follow this link to learn more about the bill and follow it

SPOTLIGHT ON: The Education Budget

One of the exciting new responsibilities I have this session is serving as a co-chair on the Joint Ways and Means Subcommittee on Education. This means I get to help write the state’s budget for our schools. After working as a teacher for over 42 years, I am excited to be working on the issue that first drove me to run for State Representative.

This will be challenging, and it is clear to me that there is a lot to be done to make sure our schools are properly and fully funded. I believe my time in the classroom will help give me unique perspective on ways we can write a lean budget while looking for additional investments to bolster our schools.

Rally Crop


Earlier this month thousands of educators, students, and community leaders marched to the capitol to make it clear that the continuing with the status quo will not bring the results we want to support all students. Our schools need more funding for higher teacher pay, smaller classes, more extracurricular activities, and so many other issues that are affecting them. I was happy to stand with them as a former teacher and someone passionate about our classrooms.


February Town Hall

I had my February Townhall at the Brookwood Public Library. Thank you to the 20+ folks who came out. We had excellent questions on housing affordability, the clean energy jobs bill, the education budget, medical marijuana and many other important topics. I always appreciate community members who take time out of their weekends to attend a town hall.


If you weren’t able to attend, please write or call me-- I appreciate hearing from constituents.

Moms Demand Action Lobby Day:

Thank you to the over one hundred Moms Demand Action activists who attended their lobby day this month. I was inspired by your stories. I am happy to support common sense gun safety reforms such as more gun education, improved gun storage practices, and better background checks. Thank you for your advocacy!



Plastic Bag and Polystyrene Food Container Ban

Students in Hillsboro Youth Advisory Club, many of whom also are a part of the Glencoe Speech and Debate Team that I support and work with, produced over three plus years a plastic bag ban in the city. Representatives Sollman, Schouten, and I  have been working with these students and other community members from across the state to help pass a statewide ban on plastic bags (HB 2509) and polystyrene food containers (HB 2883). I am proud to be a co-sponsor on both bills.  



I am hopeful HB 2509 and HB 2883 get to the floor soon and are passed. Microplastics and other forms of plastic pollution are a critical issue, and I am proud to support these students and their work!

Here are links to follow these bills as they work through the legislature:

HB 2509 and HB 2883

OSEA Members



I want to give a big thank you to the Oregon School Employees Association members who came to visit me during the March for Students. We had a great discussion about the many ways these school staffers help support our students, and the need for more dollars to our schools. 


211 Information Services

Did you know about Oregon’s 211info service? Earlier this month my staff was able to sit in on live 211 calls as they came in and we were all impressed at the wealth of knowledge 211 operators have.

211info is a trusted, efficient and compassionate source of referrals for Oregonians seeking government and nonprofit services. Consumers turn to 211info for free and confidential help finding food, housing, heat, parenting, health care, legal and educational resources and much more. Anyone can contact 211info by dialing 211, texting their zip code to 898211, emailing help@211info.org, downloading the 211info mobile app or searching the database at www.211info.org.

Opening Ceremonies at the Capitol

At the start of every Oregon House floor session, we have an opening ceremony, this can be an invocation from a faith leader or an artistic performance of some kind.  If you or someone you know is interested in participating in House Opening Ceremonies, please contact my office at rep.susanmclain@oregonlegislature.gov.  

Honorary Capitol Page Program

If you know of a young person between the ages of 12 and 18 that’s passionate and or curious about public service or government, encourage them to apply to be a house honorary page!



To apply to to be an honorary page, please follow this link and fill out the form. If you have any questions about applying or the page program please reach out to my office--  I would love to sponsor you!

Mondays 8:00AM-6:00PM; Tuesdays 8:00AM-2:00PM

Tax season is here! Drop by the Hillsboro Public Library for free filing assistance from AARP Tax Aides.

Tuesday/Martes 5:30PM-6:30PM; Thursdays/Jueves 10:00AM-11:00AM

Stop by the Forest Grove Library to practice your Spanish and/or English with peers of all levels! ¡Deténgase en la biblioteca Forest Grove para practicar su español y/o inglés con compañeros de clase de todos los niveles!

Upcoming Events

Join your Representatives McLain and Sollman at a student speak this month at PCC Willow Creek, Saturday March 30th from 12:30PM to 2:30PM. This will be an opportunity for students still in school to engage in democracy, learn about the job of state representative and the legislative process, and ask questions about the issues they’re most passionate about.  See the poster below for all the details!



Thanks to everyone who has come to Salem this month to advocate for issues they are passionate about, and to everyone who has engaged in democracy by contacting my office about legislation.  I look forward to hearing from many more of you as the session continues. Stay updated on upcoming events and information by following us on facebook using this link, and don’t hesitate to contact me at rep.susanmclain@oregonlegislature.gov or (503) 986-1429.  

Yours truly,


Representative Susan McLain

email: Rep.SusanMcLain@oregonlegislature.gov I phone: 503-986-1429
address: 900 Court St NE, H-376, Salem, OR 97301
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