House District 19 Update: March 1, 2019

Representative Denyc Boles

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Rep Boles listenting HB3063 Concerns

Hello Friends,

On Thursday the Capitol lobby was filled with the voices of parents from diverse backgrounds, religions, and regions of our state who shared common values: their right to make medical decisions for their children, and their right to access public or private education for their children.

The hearing was extended to three hours to accommodate the crowds who signed up to testify, and still over 150 residents who had signed up were unable to do so due to lack of time.

HB 3063  removes the ability of parents to decline the current 13 required immunizations on behalf of their child for religious or philosophical reasons.  Children that are missing even one of these required immunizations without a medical waiver will not be allowed to enroll in any school whether public, private, or virtual.    

Currently immunization rates in Marion County schools are quite high. Based on March 2018 data from Salem Keizer School District, the states' second largest district, between 95-100% of students are immunized when looking at individual schools from preschool and elementary, to middle and high school. SK Head Start rate is 96%+, Liberty Elementary 97%+, Morningside Elementary 98%+, Richmond Elementary 95%, Leslie Middle School 97%+, Houck Middle School 99%+, South High 98%+, Sprague High 97%+, and Roberts High 100%. Our immunization rates are excellent, although this is not the case for schools in all areas.

I listened to many Oregonians after the hearing for another hour, and one conversation stood out. A woman shared her story of immigrating from Russia to Oregon so her family could have religious freedom. When she heard of this legislation she came to the Capitol to testify, because she feels strongly this type of legislation is why her family left Russia. To her, HB 3063 limits her religious freedom and opportunity to make decisions for her family. She does not want those freedoms limited. 

My children are fully vaccinated.  I believe in the power of medicine and its ability to eliminate disease and heal. Additionally, all Oregon children have a right to a quality education.  Please share your thoughts on HB 3063 Survey. We have received hundreds of phone calls, emails, and mail regarding this issue; more than any other issue in session to date. I look forward to hearing from you.

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