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Representative Christine Drazan

March Updates

Friends and neighbors,

This week we hit the first major deadline of the session, which begins to limit the legislation that remains under consideration. I am supporting legislation for schools, veterans, seniors and roads, while at the same time working against legislation that may harm families and businesses in our district.

One of these bills is HB 3063, which prevents students from attending any public or private school, as well as prohibiting them from being on school grounds or attending events sponsored by a school -- who are not fully vaccinated, unless they have a medical exemption. Testimony was presented that families can only receive a medical exemption if the child has already been injured by the vaccine. Currently parents can choose to vaccinate on a slower schedule, they can choose a majority of vaccinations but not all or they can receive an exemption from vaccinations based on religious or philosophical exemptions. These exemptions will be eliminated under HB 3063.

I heard from thousands of Oregonians in opposition to HB3063.

I believe in supporting public health and vaccinated my kids on schedule.

I voted against HB 3063 in committee because I believe mandatory vaccinations, under the threat of exclusion from public education, will be corrosive to the doctor patient relationship and that parents should be the ones to direct medical care for their children. I affirm my commitment to respecting the sacred duty of a parent to act in the best interests of their own child. The bill is now in the Ways and Means committee, where it can no longer be amended substantively.

Thank you to everyone who has contacted my office or participated in the legislative process by submitting testimony on this or any other bill. Your voices make a difference. I serve in the legislature to represent you. Your interests and concerns are my top priority. I look forward to seeing you in the community or at a town hall meeting in the weeks ahead.


Christine Drazan

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Legislative Update - Tax Proposals

There are a number of different proposals being floated around the legislature that would raise taxes on Oregonians.  Here are just a few of those tax concepts that I wanted to make you aware of.

Property Taxes: HJR 3, HJR 4, and HB 2167 all look to make changes to our property tax system that would result in many Oregonians paying more.  These proposals roll back the caps and limits on property taxes put in place by Oregonians with Measure 5 and Measure 50. 

Gas Prices: HB 2020, the Cap and Trade bill, is projected to raise the price of gas up to 16 cents.  That increase will be on top of the 12-cent gas tax increase included in the 2017 Transportation Package. Should HB 2020 go into effect, Oregonians could find themselves paying up to 30 cents more a gallon, with higher natural gas home heating bills and increased costs for food through increased energy prices.

Cell Phone Tax: HB 2184 would raise $40 million through a new 7% tax on cell phone calls within Oregon.

Business Taxes: The legislature through the Joint Committee on Student Success is looking at proposals to raise $2 billion in taxes through taxes on business.  The Business Activities Tax and the Value Added Tax are two of the proposals being considered for raising this great sum of money. The Joint Committee on Student Success Subcommittee on Revenue is expected to have a bill by the first week of April.

Taking the Kicker: SJR 3 is a constitutional amendment that would eliminate Kicker returns by diverting the personal Kicker into a reserve fund. We need to protect the Kicker. The Kicker is necessary for curbing the growth of government and providing tax relief to Oregon families. Click the link below to view a video of me testifying in opposition to SJR 23.

Representative Drazan Testifies on Protecting the Kicker

Bills To Watch

House Bill 3031 - Creates the Family Medical Leave Insurance Fund.

House Bill 3140 & Senate Bill 947- Expands Family Medical Leave and makes Family Medical Leave requirements applicable to all employers, regardless of size.

House Bill 2020 - Cap and Trade. Establishes the Carbon Policy Office and directs that office to adopt the Oregon Climate Action Program, Oregon's carbon trading system.

House Bill 3022 - Changes to Oregon's worker's compensation laws regarding preexisting conditions and compensable injuries.

House Bill 3063 -  Removes the religious and philosophical exemptions for vaccination that are required for children to attend school.

Senate Bill 379 -  Prohibits employers from terminating employees who use marijuana when not on the job, except in certain circumstances such as heavy machinery operators.

Senate Bill 726 - Makes it illegal for employers to request employees enter agreements that would prevent them from disclosing or discussing conduct that constitutes unlawful discrimination.

February Poll Results

Last month I conducted a poll around three different issues before the legislature.  Here are the results.

Feb Survey 1

Feb Survey 2

Feb Survey 3

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Drazan at Podium

Interested in learning more about the lawmaking process and experiencing government firsthand? Are you between the ages of 12 and 18? Apply here to become an Honorary Page for a day! View more information and details on the Program here.

Saying Goodbye to a Statesman

Dennis Richardson


When my daughter was a fifth grader, Secretary of State Dennis Richardson launched Oregon’s first Kid Governor program. Kid Governor is a civics education program that teaches kids about the branches of state government and the importance of engaging in our democracy by voting and running for office. When it was first announced I was excited that our students could participate, but there was no time in the school day for our fifth-grade teachers to take it on, so I volunteered to run the program as an after-school club at Carus Elementary. The program was a hit. The kids loved it, I loved leading it. All of the kids who participated now have a personal experience with running for office and they have a stronger understanding of the responsibility that comes with the right to vote.

Secretary of State Richardson passed away recently and was honored in the Capitol with a state funeral. Political luminaries, colleagues and friends spoke of their experience with Secretary Richardson as a statesman, public servant, and devoted family man. But, for me—and the kids in schools across the state—his legacy also extends to lighting a fire for civic engagement in our youngest citizens. I am grateful to him for this work helping ensure that when the time comes, our students will be more prepared to step up and engage as informed citizens.

Boring-Damascus Town Hall Rescheduled

Town Hall Graphic

Thank You For Visiting!

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Thank you to Sara, Isaac and Kathleen for coming in to talk about suicide prevention in our schools.



Thank you to these wonderful students from Clackamas Community College for taking the time to meet with me.

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Great to talk to these smart, hardworking future leaders.  Thank you to the FFA members who took the time to visit my office and talk about their favorite convention experiences and future career paths.



These Head Start providers and supporters are helping kids and families in our community everyday. Thanks for visiting!

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It was great to see my former boss and longtime friend Speaker Mark Simmons at the capitol.



Thank you to those who were able to make it out to my Canby Constituent Coffee.

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