Central Oregon is Facing a Housing Crisis

Jack Zika

It's been one month since I was sworn-in

Hello Friends,

A lot has happened since I was sworn-in to serve as your State Representative exactly a month ago. This week was no different, as a public hearing was held on Monday, to add Redmond to the Affordable Housing Pilot-Program (House Bill 2336). 

Together with Senator Knopp and Representative Stark, we introduced House Bill 2336 to the Human Services and Housing Committee. I'm thankful to Redmond Mayor George Endicott, and Deschutes County Commissioner Phil Henderson, for trekking across the Pass, to bring their testimony to Salem to support this bill. I am so proud to have such dedicated local elected officials representing us in Central Oregon. 

Thank you to all who delivered testimonies, including Representative Cheri Helt. The work session for this bill is scheduled for February 18th. We are hoping that we get to vote House Bill 2336 out of committee and onto the next step, bringing one step closer to addressing the housing crisis facing Central Oregonians.

Furthermore, Senate Bill 608, which would effectively mandate statewide rent control and restrict no-cause evictions, was passed by the State Senate and now moves into my committee in Human Services and Housing. 

Thanks to those who have been emailing and calling me about your concerns on the bill, many of which I share. A recent report  showed that Oregon has a 155,000-unit housing gap. Rent control is a policy that has proven to hinder the supply of housing and has the potential to cause the same unintended consequences that ultimately harms tenants.

I encourage you to share your thoughts to me and the committee. You can send written testimony before 5 PM on Tuesday, February 19th to HHS.exhibits@oregonlegislature.gov. If anyone can make the drive over from Central Oregon, I highly encourage you to come testify during the public hearing at 1 PM or at 5 PM.

Thanks and please let me know if you have any further questions or details. You can call me and my staff at 503-986-1453.

Yours truly,

Jack Zika 

Testifying in support of House Bill 2336

Myself, Commissioner Phil Henderson, and Mayor George Endicott testify in support of House Bill 2336 that helps create additional affordable housing units in Redmond. 

Writing letters to OSU dean's list students

Sent personal letters to students at OSU-Cascades who made the Dean's list. Congratulations on your accomplishment! The future is looking bright! 

Constituents from Oregon Trails Coalition

Great to meet with constituents from the Oregon Trails Coalition. Thanks for making the drive over! 

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