Another Busy Week at the Capitol.

Jack Zika

A lot happening at the Capitol this week!

Hello Friends,

We had another busy and productive week at the Capitol! It truly amazes me to see constituents making the drive over from Central Oregon to Salem and advocate for issues that matter to them. Thank you to those who come all the way to the Capitol.

Exciting news this week as one of my priority bills is now up for a public hearing on Monday, February 11th, in the Human Services and Housing Committee. House Bill 2336 is introduced as an amended version of House Bill 4079 from the 2016 legislative session which established a site selection process of affordable housing units for one city under 25,000 and one city over 25,000.

Both Bend and Redmond applied for the pilot project program. Bend was awarded the pilot project and Redmond was not. This bill would essentially remove the population requirement so Redmond would be included in the program, which would help alleviate the housing crisis in Central Oregon. I want to thank Committee Chair Alissa Keny-Guyer for scheduling a public hearing and appreciate her and the committee for their willingness to listen and work to address the ongoing housing crisis. 

Written testimonies are always encouraged throughout the legislative process. If you'd like to submit written testimony regarding House Bill 2336, you can send an email to Testimonies are encouraged to be sent in PDF file and no later than noon on Monday, February 11th for this particular bill. 

The anticipated cap & trade legislation unveiled earlier in the week. The 55-page bill is carefully being vetted by the House Republican Caucus. I stand with my fellow Republican colleagues that a legislation of this magnitude needs to be thoroughly discussed in a public setting with public input. We know that we need to preserve our forests and protect our farm land. However, we also need to make sure the cost of utilities aren't being driven up and our economy does not take a dive due to this type of legislation.

Here is a link to the bill for folks that would like to read through the cap and trade legislation. 

As always, please feel free to reach out to me and my staff at 503-986-1453 for any additional questions or concerns you may have. 

Yours truly,

Representative Jack Zika 

Pictures throughout the week

Veterans and Emergency Preparedness

It truly is a pleasure to sit on the Veterans and Emergency Preparedness Committee to support our veterans and help protect Oregon. 

Foster students testifying.

I'm inspired by the bravery of these young foster students to testify in front of legislators on issues that are personal and dear to them. 

OSU cascades students

Students from Oregon State University-Cascades stopped by to say hello to Representative Helt and I! 

Renew Oregon constituents

Constituents from Renew Oregon came to visit me to discuss ways to preserve the environment. 

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