BSW Update from Salem

Representative Smith Warner

Hello everyone,

We are two weeks into the Legislative Session and things are already getting busy. I am spending most of my time discussing education funding and revenue reform as co-chair of the Joint Committee on Student Success and member of its Revenue subcommittee. I am also on the House Revenue and Rules committees, discussing everything from tax credits to election laws.

When I am not in committee, I meet with colleagues, constituents, students and advocates on the issues that matter most to House District 45. I’ve had powerful and insightful meetings with parents,  education advocates, foster youth, gun violence prevention activists, and many others. Please reach out to my office if you would like to meet in Salem or Portland, and we will work to make arrangements.


HB 2505, The Cindy Yuille and Steve Forsythe Act

This bill requiring safe storage of all firearms is a major priority for me, and we have spent the last few days gathering co-sponsors to join this important public safety bill. HB 2505 has been referred to the House Judiciary committee, where we are working to shore up support and schedule a public hearing. Gun violence is a public health crisis, so this bill uses a public health approach to address it. Just like seatbelts, we can change patterns of behavior to create a safer Oregon, especially for our kids. By safely storing firearms we can make a huge impact on preventing accidental deaths or deaths by suicide, a horrible reality for too many families and communities in Oregon.

safe storage presser

Press conference announcing the Safe Storage bill proposal

Full and stable funding for Oregon’s public education

The Joint Committee on Student Success has broken into three subcommittees to focus on our effort to reform and stabilize the state’s education funding system. The groups are: Revenue, Early Childhood, and Accountability & Transparency. These groups will discuss funding mechanisms, policies, programs, and reporting procedures to create a system that better supports Oregon students and families while allowing education professionals to innovate and invest in programs that work. I am primarily involved in the Revenue subcommittee, which is focused on corporate revenue, but as co-chair of the full committee I am thinking broadly about the entire system.

SB 52, Suicide Prevention in Oregon Schools

Suicide is a tragic part of the experiences of so many, and it is dangerously present among young LGBTQ Oregonians. Too many families in my district, and across the state, have lost kids, students, and friends. That’s why I’m a Chief Sponsor on a bill to require school districts to adopt suicide prevention plans for students. This bill is scheduled for a Public Hearing on February 6th in the Senate Education Committee, so it is moving through the process promptly. If you would like to submit testimony please visit the bill page, or reach out to my office with questions.

Clean Energy Jobs - LC 894

This week the first version of the historic “Clean Energy Jobs” bill was made public. I am proud to be a strong supporter of this legislation, and will fight to make it the strongest piece of environmental policy possible. Follow the progress of the bill in the Carbon Reduction Committee.


Parkrose Strong

This week I shared some powerful words from my colleague Senator Lew Frederick about an incident at the recent Parkrose vs. St. Helens women's basketball game. You can read more about the incident here. We must call out racism, in words and actions, everywhere we see it. I commend the superintendent of St. Helens for owning this disgrace, and speaking and acting to make amends. The Parkrose players showed restraint and character far beyond their years, and make me proud to represent their school. OSAA, we are looking at you to take the lead in the education and outreach that is needed to prevent future events. You can watch my comments here.



Representative Barbara Smith Warner
House District 45

email: I phone: 503-986-1445
address: 900 Court St NE, H-286, Salem, OR 97301