September Legislative Days are Approaching; Thank you Oregon Coastal Caucus Economic Summit Sponsors!

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September Legislative Days are Approaching

On Monday through Wednesday of next week, I will be returning to Salem for Legislative Days. These are times during the interim between legislative sessions when the Legislature conducts committee hearings, discusses potential issues and legislation and addresses other agenda items that come up. Task force meetings will be scheduled for Thursday of next week, following the committee meetings.

Since the voters adopted annual sessions in 2010, the Legislature meets for a maximum of 160 days in odd-numbered years and 35 days in even-numbered years. Legislative days happen during the interim between sessions, about every eight weeks. They typically last three or four days. This also is the time when the Senate meets to discuss and confirm the Governor’s proposed appointees for statewide boards and commissions.

Committees will be holding informational hearings on topics that could lead to legislation in the upcoming session. We also will hear updates on the implementation of past legislation, reports from state agencies and task forces. We also will hear updates on enacted legislation to see if there are any fixes that need to be made.

If you’re interested in following what’s happening in the different Senate committees, you can find information about their agendas and topics they will be discussing at the following links:

Senate Business and Transportation

Senate Education

Senate Environment and Natural Resources

Senate Finance and Revenue

Senate General Government and Accountability

Senate Health Care

Senate Human Services

Senate Judiciary

Senate Rules and Executive Appointments

Senate Veterans and Emergency Preparedness

Senate Workforce

Of course, there also is a wealth of information that will be available during House of Representatives committee hearings, as well as joint committee and task force meetings. More general information also is available online by going online and clicking on “Committees” in the upper righthand corner. With the deadline for early-filed bills approaching next Friday and the 2019 Session scheduled to kick off in January, the pace of my legislative work is definitely beginning to pick up.

It is an honor to represent you, my friends and neighbors, in the Oregon Legislature. I look forward to rolling up my sleeves and getting back to work for the best interest of everyday Oregon during the upcoming Legislative Days.





Arnie Roblan, State Senator District 5

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Thank you Sponsors!

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On behalf of all the members of the Oregon Legislature’s Coastal Caucus, my heartfelt thanks for ensuring that this important gathering of our statewide leaders and policy professionals could address the critical issues facing our coastal and rural communities.  Your support allowed us to share a vision for moving our region and the state forward during the recently concluded – and extraordinarily well-attended – Oregon Coastal Caucus Economic Summit 2018.