May Newsletter

Ronald H. Noble

Hello Friends,


Many of the goals I have set out and issues I look to tackle stem from the comments, concerns and issues of the people I represent. Constituents regularly contact me via email, phone, and mail. What I’m hearing (in no particular order) is:

  • Adequately fund our schools
  • Address our transportation issues
  • Work to provide affordable housing
  • End wasteful government spending
  • Support a business environment to create jobs and grow the economy
  • Ensure that we are adequately providing for those who are in need

I’d like to address a few of these issues in this Newsletter.



As we move through the session and are now passing deadlines for second chamber bills, I am focused on the budget and ensuring that taxpayer’s money is spent wisely as we provide for education, public safety, and social services. We have record revenues, outpaced only by record expenditures, leaving us with a gap of approximately $1.4 billion.

What does this mean?  It means we need to change the way we do business and look at what is driving the cost of government. We also need to demand better oversight and management of the taxpayer’s money.

Last week, Secretary of State Dennis Richardson sent out an “Auditor Alert” to let us know that the State has been paying out as much as $37 million per month in unauthorized Medicaid payments. $37 million per month. Let’s break that down:

One week of these payments ($9 million) would fully fund our veterans’ services to the level voters decided last November (Measure 96) – for the entire biennium.

Less than two weeks of payments ($16 million) would restore funding for Project Independence to help our seniors – for the entire biennium.What else is this costing us? School funding? Affordable housing? Children? Seniors? I’ll say it again; we need to demand better oversight and management of the taxpayer’s money. I continue to work hard and push for accountability. (Please note that the Oregon Health Authority officials declined to estimate how much money the state and federal governments might have paid to cover the non-qualified recipients or over what period of time.  The agency did tell a legislative committee that they might have provided Medicaid benefits to some 32,000 people who no longer qualify.  Even using these numbers, at the $430 a month average monthly benefit, 32,000 people could have cost us as much as $165 million a year – or $13 million per month.)



I know how important the transportation package is to our community. The Joint Committee on Transportation Preservation and Modernization continues their work to address the transportation infrastructure needs across the state. I continue to push my colleagues for real solutions to address the current and future needs in Washington and Yamhill Counties. However, it’s important to understand that even with the broad approach to funding that has been proposed, the resources are limited and projects throughout the state are competing for priority.   Your voice is important. I encourage you to contact your representatives and senators to make your priorities known.  


It was our privilege to be the host to two Opening Ceremonies recently.  A dear friend of mine, Pastor Lon Eckdahl, provided the opening prayer that was both inspirational and motivational.  The singing group, “We Three” wowed the House with their rendition of “America the Beautiful.”  Having these folks represent our District was a proud moment.

We had the honor of having two schools visit us at the Capitol.  On May 15th, we had 90 students from Newby Elementary join us, and on May 24th, a group from McMinnville High School paid us a visit.

I was asked to visit the eighth-grade government class at Duniway Middle School.  It was an enjoyable visit with amazing students.

I also participated in a Rural Business Leaders Roundtable in McMinnville, which included business leaders in McMinnville, as well as Governor Brown and McMinnville Mayor Scott Hill. I’m sure there are a great many issues that are important to you, and I look forward to hearing those concerns and working to address them.


The easiest way to contact  me is by phone at 503-986-1424, or e-mail at I always enjoy when people visit me at the capitol -  just be sure to call or email so that I can ensure that I am available.  

Thank You,

Representative Ron Noble


Capitol Phone: 503-986-1424
Capitol Address: 900 Court St. NE, H-376, Salem, Oregon 97301