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e-Bulletin                     April 2017

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Dear friends,

    April 18 marked the Legislature's "first chamber work session deadline." This was the date by which most bills needed to be passed out of committee in their originating chamber (Senate or House). "Most," because a few committees — namely, the Rules, Revenue and Ways & Means Committees — are not subject to the same deadline. I'm happy to report that my keys bills, as highlighted in these newsletters, survived the deadline and are continuing their journey through the legislative process.

    On April 18, I was proud to vote in favor of SB 832, which directs the Oregon Department of Veterans' Affairs to advise on the merits of establishing a grant program to fund assistance for rural veterans in accessing health care, veterans' benefits, housing, transportation, and court processes. Veterans receive health care benefits through the federal Veterans Administration. Those hospitals usually are located at populated areas, which makes it harder for rural veterans who rely on the VA for health care. Overall, rural veterans have difficulty accessing all types of assistance – not just health care – especially as they age. This bill starts the process of creating a way to fund assistance to rural veterans so they can access the services they need. SB 832 now goes to the House of Representatives for consideration.

    On April 25, I was happy to vote in favor of SB 117, which passed by a 29-0 vote on the Senate floor, to crack down on towing companies that go around looking for cars to tow and stick the owners with outrageous bills. The legislation responds to a variety of situations occurring around the Willamette Valley. It adds towing provisions that are enforceable as unlawful trade practices. Before a vehicle can be towed, the bill requires that there be a sign in plain view indicating that parking in that area is restricted or prohibited, as well as a signed consent form by the property owner or a representative for the property from which the vehicle is to be towed. A vehicle can be towed for blocking access for emergency vehicles, blocking in another car or blocking an exit. The bill requires signed authorization 24 hours a day by the property owner or designee before a tow may occur. In situations where the owner or operator of the vehicle is present at the time of the tow, the person doing the towing must release the vehicle at no charge unless the hookup is complete. If the hookup is complete, the tower would be able to charge a fee that does not exceed the hookup fee. Senate Bill 117 now goes to the House of Representatives for consideration.

        Groundbreaking ceremony for Cottage Grove's new Harrison Elementary School

    On March 31, I participated in an assembly at Oakridge Elementary School before speaking to an AP Government class at the Junior High. The assembly promoted "Strive for Five," a successful initiative by Oakridge School District to improve student attendance. (For a Register-Guard article on the assembly, click here.) I was so impressed by Strive for Five that when a student group from Oakrdige Elementary visited the Capitol the following week, I praised the initiative when extending official Senate courtesies to the visiting group. I have also enjoyed the opportunity to welcome grade-school students from Adams, Latham, and Yoncalla to the Capitol this session.

    Below you will find information on:

- April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month
        - My Session Bills: SB 863 (protecting cannabis purchaser information)
        - Travel Lane County Industry Celebration 2017: May 18
        - Earth Day 2017

    I hope this information is helpful and informative for you or someone you know. As always, feel free to share your comments, questions or concerns with me by phone, mail or e-mail.

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April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month

    In continued observance of Sexual Assault Awareness Month, I would like to draw attention to an issue that affects Oregon families and communities every day. Sexual assault can affect the lives of people all around us: our friends, family and neighbors. I'm proud of steps taken by the Legislature, but there's always more to do. Here are a few ways you can take action in your community:

  • Spread awareness and support consent. Take some time to have a conversation with family or loved ones about the need for individuals to take a stand against sexual violence. Use social media to bring attention to important resources.
  • Donate goods or host a donation drive. For many individuals, leaving an abusive situation often means leaving behind important personal possessions. Shelters and support services often ask that people donate a variety of household items to help survivors of sexual assault start over.

My Session Bills: SB 863 (protecting cannabis purchaser information)

    I introduced and carried this bill to passage in the Senate to prohibit medical marijuana dispensaries and recreational marijuana retailers from retaining a consumer identification information for more than 48 hours. The bill prohibits dispensaries and retailers from transferring a consumer's identification information unless expressly authorized by law. With troubling indications from the new administration about federal treatment of legal marijuana use, I felt it more important than ever to protect the privacy of law-abiding Oregonians.

    SB 863 was signed into law by Governor Brown on Monday with immediate effect.

Travel Lane County Industry Celebration 2017: May 18

    Travel Lane County will hold its annual Visitor Industry Celebration, honoring the people and organizations who daily serve visitors throughout the Eugene, Cascades & Coast regions, on May 18 from 11:45 a.m. to 1:15 p.m. at Venue 252. Local author and outdoor enthusiast William Sullivan will deliver a keynote presentation. Contact Hayley for more information or to RSVP by May 8 (; 541.743.8772).

Earth Day 2017

    On Saturday, April 22, communities around the state celebrated Earth Day by prioritizing environmental responsibility in Oregon. We must ensure that Oregon remains a leader in sustainability for years to come by encouraging our communities to take action and by promoting accountability. Here are a few ways to take action in your community:

  • Spread the word on sustainability. Take some time to have a conversation with family and friends about the ways our behaviors affect the natural world. Use social media to bring attention to important resources.

  • Be responsible. Take action by carpooling, using public transport, or cycling. Don't forget to be aware of the ways in which we can take responsibility for our environmental impact by saving water, electricity, and other important resources.

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