Special Edition: Celebrating Women's History Month

Carla Piluso

Celebrating Women's History Month

March is Women’s History Month, an important time to recognize the accomplishments and contributions of women in our state. I also want to take a moment to highlight the work my colleagues and I are doing to improve the lives of Oregon women.

March 8th: A Day Without a Woman

We recently celebrated International Women’s Day at the Oregon Capitol. Here are some highlights from the day:

Walkout on the Capitol Steps

On the steps

Most of my women colleagues in the House (and several men!) wore red to acknowledge women’s contributions to our economy and our society. To demonstrate our solidarity with women across the globe, my colleagues and I did a walkout and rally on the Capitol steps.

Brown Bag Lunch with the Governor 

Lunch Time

The Women Legislators of the Capitol were invited to a small lunch with the Governor. It was nice share a moment together and discuss our shared priorities.

Ceremonial Signing with the Governor 

Governor Signing

I attended a special ceremony where Governor Brown declared March to be Women’s History Month. This day was all about celebrating women and their contributions to our legislature, our communities, and our state.

Making Oregon Better for Women

International Women’s Day was exciting, but my colleagues and I are always working to make Oregon a better place for women. We share some exciting priorities this session. For starters, we’re working on a bill that establishes equal pay for equal work, because women and people of color should not make less than their male, white counterparts. I am sponsoring the Reproductive Health Equity Act, which protects birth control with no co-pay and expands access to other reproductive health services. You might also hear conversations about a paid family leave insurance program--we’re talking about that too. Oregon is a state where we create access and opportunity for women, and I’m proud to work with colleagues who are as dedicated to this as I am.

Fists up

My Office Prioritizes Women’s Issues

My office also has very specific, public safety-oriented priorities that we’re focused on. Here in Oregon, our population of women in prison has spiked in the last few years. We’re doing what we can to avoid opening a second prison for women. Did you know that 70% of incarcerated women are in prison because of drug and property crimes?

To address this I introduced the Safety and Savings Act. This bill ensures that drug and property crime sentences are reasonable in length, expands alternatives for offenders who are parents, and increases access to programs that help women transition back into the community under supervision. I’m leading the charge to ensure that women are treated fairly and we save money in the process. In this difficult budget cycle, we don’t need to be spending $20 million on a second prison when we could rehabilitate nonviolent female offenders in ways that are simply better for women and families.

Women’s Health and Wellness Alliance

The Women’s Health and Wellness Alliance is a bipartisan group of advocates, legislators, and agency staff dedicated to achieving prosperity for women through legislation focused on health, economic well being, and safety. Since 1993, this coalition has endorsed a package of bills that are specifically aimed at improving the lives of Oregon women. You can follow the work of the Alliance on Facebook.

This month, I hope that you take a moment to recognize the contributions of the women in your life. If you are a woman, be proud this March and know that I’m working hard for you.

Piluso Sign

Representative Carla C. Piluso 

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