Rep Boone March 9 2017 Newsletter

Deborah Boone

Greetings from Salem!

This has been a busy week at the Capitol as Public Hearings and Work Sessions are being held are various bills under consideration.  Good ideas for legislation come from all areas, for instance, I submitted three bills at the request of the Oregon Public Ports Association, I submitted three bills.  All three bills were discussed this week in the House Committee on Economic Development and Trade.

HB 2899:  To clarify the authority of Ports to enter into Intergovernmental Agreements (IGA) as authorized under ORS 190.  Currently ORS 190 permits all types of governments to enter into agreements with other governments for a broad array of reasons, and many local ports do just that.   HB 2899 would clarify Port authority in this area, and passed out of committee on a 9-0 vote with a “Do pass” recommendation.

HB 2900:  Relates to Port advertising.  Currently ORS 777.240 limits what a port can advertise only to their facilities and the commerce taking place at the port.   This bill would expand the ability of the port to be able to advertise activities of the port, or activities of those using the port.  This bill had a Public Hearing this week and is scheduled for a Work Session this coming Monday morning in the House Committee on Economic Development and Trade.

HB 2901: This bill deals with real property purchases.  Under current law, a port cannot purchase property without obtaining an appraisal from a disinterested state certified appraiser.   If the appraisal exceeds $500,000 the statute requires the port obtain a second appraisal.   This has become a burden to ports located in rural settings, so the bill would increase the financial threshold for obtaining the second appraisal to $2 million.   The committee approved a “Do pass” recommendation on a 9-0 vote.

On Wednesday, we celebrated Women’s Day at the Capitol, and I was happy to join Governor Kate Brown and other women legislators for a brown bag lunch meeting to discuss proposed legislation that is of interest to women throughout Oregon.


Brown Bag Lunch with Governor
Women's Day Working Lunch with Governor

Constituents have been stopping by to visit, and on Thursday it was great to see April Cockcroft from Seaside, a few years back she job-shadowed me here at the Capitol, now she is a pre-med student.   It gladdens my heart to see such capable young people achieving their educational and career goals.  

We also got the news this week that Chad Allen of Tillamook had been recognized by the Oregon Farm Bureau with a Service to Agriculture award for helping to advance legislation pertaining to appropriate uses exclusive farm use lands.  Last sessions SB 1517 will help create a collaborative approach to include all stakeholders when considering the use of agricultural lands.  So far this session I’ve met with farmers, young farmers and ranchers and also a group of Future Farmers of America from Tillamook High School.  It was nice to meet the students and their FFA advisor when they visited the Capitol.

THS FFA Students
Krystal McCarty, Levi Crabtree, Rep. Boone, Brooklyn Bush