Oregon Employment Department Unemployment Insurance Information Update

New Toll Free Number Simplifies Access to Unemployment Information

The Oregon Employment Department has enabled a new, easy to remember, toll free number for Oregonians needing access to information about unemployment insurance.  The number, 1-877-FILE-4-UI (1-877-345-3484), can be used by anyone needing to file a claim, or wanting information about their claim, no matter where they are located in Oregon.

The new phone number is a part of an upgrade to the department’s telephone system that will provide several advantages including:

• Reducing the amount of phone numbers the public needs to call
• Technology to re-route toll free calls in emergency situations
• Increased reporting options on call volumes
• Savings in toll free costs to the department

In addition, the new system will allow for greater flexibility in monitoring in-coming calls, which should result in fewer busy signals for the public during periods of high call volume.

For Oregonians needing to file a claim for unemployment benefits, the fastest, most efficient method is online at www.WorkingInOregon.org/ocs.  However, if Internet is not available, individuals can file by telephone using the new toll-free number.

Individuals who live in the Portland, Bend, or Eugene areas, should continue to use the local phone numbers to their respective Unemployment Insurance Centers.

 Portland area: 503-451-2400
 Bend:  541-388-6207
 Eugene: 541-686-7800

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