ESSA School Improvement December Update

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ESSA School Improvement December Update

The purpose of this update is to share information about ESSA School Improvement (1003a Funds for ESSA Partnership Districts with CSI/TSI schools) including key points about reporting plan implementation progress through an ESSA Quarterly Update Survey.

Key Points

Beginning in January 2021 ESSA Partnership Districts will begin reporting quarterly improvement plan implementation progress for related grants in EGMS titled:

  • ESSA Partnerships 19-20 
  • ESSA Partnerships 20-21

Where ESSA Improvement Plan strategies align with a district’s SIA strategies, districts may utilize the SIA Programmatic Progress Report process for quarterly reporting on specific strategies. The SIA programmatic progress report form was shared in the December 18th SIA Update. Where ESSA Improvement strategies differ with those in their SIA plan, a separate ESSA Quarterly Update will provide for reporting on strategy implementation.

Update on Progress Reporting

All ESSA Partnership Districts receiving 1003a funds need to complete the ESSA Quarterly Update Survey by February 1, 2021

In an effort to reduce reporting burden and encourage coherence across plans submitted to ODE, districts with schools identified for CSI/TSI support may be able to meet many progress reporting requirements through their quarterly SIA programmatic progress reports.

ESSA Partnership Districts are still required to complete the ESSA Quarterly Update Survey as it collects additional information from districts about topics such as district routine practices for reviewing progress, school-level plans, and ESSA Partnership funds. If your district improvement strategies align to the SIA plans, there is an option within the ESSA Quarterly Update Survey to identify the alignment with the SIA Programmatic Progress Report. ODE staff will review reported progress through the SIA report.

Reminder Regarding EGMS Claims

Regarding the newly required and previously shared revised budget tool that ESSA Partner districts need to upload describing ESSA improvement plans, budgets and claims, we would like to take the opportunity to remind you that with each claim submitted in EGMS system for these funds an appropriate description of the claims should be documented in the revised budget tool and uploaded via a form to submit documentation. We encourage each district’s ESSA programmatic leaders and business office staff to coordinate ESSA funds EGMS claims and budget tool submission.

For additional information or clarification of details described above please contact your ODE point person or email the School Improvement Team.