Construction Training Program News - February

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February 2022

Construction Training and Certification Updates and More

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Welcome to the Construction Training and Certification December newsletter. In this issue, we will provide you with important information, updates, and resources that will help you plan for needed training and certification in the 2022 training season.

2022 ODOT Construction Training Schedule

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Online Course Announcement

The online ADA Curb Ramp Inspection and Traffic Signal Inspector certification courses are now available on Workday!

2022 ADA Curb Ramp Inspector Certification now includes an in-person field exam in addition to the online written exam that will qualify for a 2-year certification. Below is the order of progression to qualify for certification:

Step 1 – ADA Curb Ramp Inspection Training for Certification (2022 Update) (online, $30)
Step 2 – ADA Curb Ramp Certification Exam (2022 Update) (Step 1 is a pre-requisite to Step 2, online written exam)
Step 3 – ADA Curb Ramp Inspection Certification - Field Work Exam (Step 1,2 is a pre-requisite to Step 3, in-person)

2022 Traffic Signal Inspector Certification will pilot an electronic exam so all learners may receive the full 3-year certification.

Step 1 – Certified Traffic Signal Inspector (CTSI) (online, $45)
Step 2 – Certified Traffic Signal Inspector (CTSI) Exam

If you currently have your certification or it has expired in less than 12 months, you may take the abridged CTSI Recertification online course below. (If you completed the 2021 online training, you may go directly to the Exam.)

Step 1 – Certified Traffic Signal Inspector (CTSI) Recertification (online, $45)
Step 2 – Certified Traffic Signal Inspector (CTSI) Exam



Challenge Exams

Don't miss the next challenge event in Salem at the Chemeketa Center for Business Industry on March 22! This event is open to ODOT, consultants, local agencies, and contractors. Only one exam per offering will be allowed. Registration links are inserted below.

March 22 8:00am to Noon | 1:00 to 5:00pm

Please see the Construction Training Inspector Certification page for links to electronic resource materials.


2022 Training Opportunities 

In-person Courses | Now in Workday Learning

Certified General Construction Inspector | 4/25-29 full
Certified General Construction Inspector – Recertification | 4/5-7
Asphalt Concrete Pavement Inspector | 3/15-17
Asphalt Concrete Pavement Inspector - Virtual | 2/28-3/2 (experienced inspectors only)
Certified Environmental Inspector | 3/30-31, 4/12-13
Certified Bridge Construction Inspector | 4/18-22, 5/2-6
Certified Drilled Shaft Inspector | 3/15-17
Survey Fundamentals for Construction Inspection | 3/10, 4/19
Erosion Sediment Control Manager | 3/29
Traffic Control Supervisor/Technician Training (Full Cert) |2/15-17 (ODOT staff only)
Traffic Control Supervisor/Technician Training (Recert) | 2/23 (ODOT staff only)
CAT II for Quality Assurance | 2/23-24
QCCS Workshop | 3/8-10
Structure Coating Inspector Workshop | 3/8-9
Chip Seal Training | 3/29
ADA Curb Ramp Inspection Certification - Field Exam | 2/16, 2/17, 3/9, 3/10, 3/23, 3/24

*All in-person courses are subject to change in regards to class size, conversion to a virtual format or cancellation pending COVID-19 restrictions.

Self-guided Online Courses | Now in Workday Learning | Always Available

ADA Curb Ramp Inspection Training for Certification
Certified Traffic Signal Inspector
Certified Traffic Signal Inspector - Recertification



Creating a Workday External Learner Account

Please see step-by-step Job Aid (Choose "State of Oregon" as your affiliation). 

How do I get a copy of my historical iLearn Transcript?

If you need your iLearn Transcript and were unable to print it out prior to June 15, 2021, you may request a copy through DAS here. (Click on iLearn Transcript Request Form)


Construction Materials Technician Training

Construction material technician training will be administered through our industry partners: Asphalt Pavement Association of Oregon, American Concrete Institute of Oregon and Oregon Concrete and Aggregate Producers Association. For information, visit APAO, ACI and OCAPA websites for current enrollment details.

Construction Project

For more information regarding the Inspector Certification Program and the Technician Certification Program, please see Inspector Certification Program and Technician Certification Program.