TIM Trend: August 2020

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2020 Oregon TIM Conference

This month we have an activity for you…and a call to action!

Register for our 2020 Oregon TIM Conference!

Three hours. Virtual. Worth it.

What is the hallmark of a good partnership?  And why do our partnerships matter?


Asking and answering these questions is always an important exercise. It reminds us why we need each other, and what we can accomplish when we’re committed to working together.

Partnership is foundational to Traffic Incident Management. It’s that invisible yet powerful “throughline,” or guiding force that unites responders across disciplines toward shared outcomes. In TIM, those outcomes include safe, quick clearance of incidents. Why? So we can all go home safe at the end of our shift.

In a time of pervasive “D” driving, a speeding pandemic layered over a global pandemic, and other challenges (known and yet-to-emerge), our TIM partnerships couldn’t be more important. And necessary.

Take part. Share your thoughts and experiences:

  • What is the hallmark of a good partnership?

  • What does it mean to be a good partner? 

  • Share a story: What is an example of the power of partnerships?

Send your answers to timtraining@odot.state.or.us


Have pictures that reflect the spirit of partnership?

We’ll take ‘em!


Want to get creative?

Snap a photo with one of your partners, and share what you appreciate about your partnership.  If you have the opportunity, shoot a socially distant (masks included) video with your partner answering the same question.  And feel free to branch out: Share what you appreciate about a partnership outside of your own discipline!

Care to submit a video?

If you plan to do a video, we can connect with you separately to provide a means to share the video with us.  Alternatively, you can send videos to our Oregon TIM Responders Facebook page via FB Messenger: https://www.facebook.com/OregonTIMResponders/.  Or simply post it to your page and tag us (@OregonTIMResponders)!

TIM IR and OSP Partenership

Oregon’s 2020 Annual TIM Conference: The Power of Partnerships

While we can’t be together in person, we can still make the best of our current circumstances. Join us for this year’s annual Oregon TIM Conference—virtual edition. 

We’re pleased to bring you the usual suspects—program updates at the state and national levels, training awards, etc.—as well as new opportunities to hear how fellow responders and TIM peers are adjusting in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. The key to cultivating collective resilience? Our partnerships.

And finally, it is our great honor to have Sergeant (Ret.) Robert Bemis share his tale of victory over critical injury, and how he found his way back from a debilitating crash with the help of his family, friends and community. Learn more about Robert’s journey at www.forgedinscars.com.

Bring your experiences and questions—we will have multiple opportunities for you to share as desired.

Not a fan of virtual platforms? Reach out to us. We can set up a test session to get you comfortable with the platform and troubleshoot common tech and audio issues.

Register today!