Motorists: Remember to Move Over (it's the law in Oregon)

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Move Over applies to all vehicles on side of the road showing lights or distress

July 14, 2020

For more information: Kristin Twenge, Law Enforcement and Judicial Programs manager, 503-986-4446 

SALEM - Construction season is in full swing, and most everyone knows that when you see orange barrels, cones or signs, you’re coming up on a work zone and you need to slow down.

But not everyone knows about our Move Over law. In Oregon, you must move over to a non-adjacent lane – or slow down by at least five miles under the speed limit – when approaching the rear of any vehicle stopped and displaying warning or hazard lights or otherwise indicating distress, not just emergency vehicles.

Maintenance crews, utility companies and other firms are often working alongside the road with warning or hazard lights on, and this would also signal that motorists need to move over.

The fine for this violation is $265 (or $525 if the location is within a safety corridor, school zone or work zone).

Takeaway: be alert, motorists – your job when you are behind the wheel is to drive safely. That means following the laws, and now you can say you know about, and follow, this one: always Move Over, if you can do so safely, or slow down 5 MPH below the posted speed.