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May 2019

On Scene

Do you practice SAFE, QUICK CLEARANCE?

Safe, Quick Clearance is the practice of safely and quickly removing temporary obstructions from the roadway. This can be done with Safe, Quick Clearance strategies such as: pushing, pulling, driving or dragging vehicles off a roadway. When responders spend less time on the road, they are less likely to be struck and killed while doing their job.

With so many responders and disciplines on the scene of an incident, how do we all get on the same page of Safe, Quick Clearance? It’s easy, just remember the 4C’s:


Communication is key to Safe, Quick Clearance. Communication between responders on-scene ensures there will be no unnecessary risk or duplication of duties. If everyone is clear on what their job is, it gets done faster.


Who leads the communication effort? The Unified Command. This group of individuals is made up of experienced responders who work together to efficiently plan and manage an incident. They are most successful when allowed to make decisions and communicate to others what needs to be done and when. Again, reducing risk and duplication of duties and getting responders off the road faster is the ultimate goal.


With various responders and different disciplines all on-scene at the same time, collaboration is critical to clearing incidents smoothly and quickly. Collaboration begins BEFORE a responder even arrives on scene; it starts with meetings and trainings. Getting to know each other and the roles each of us play prior to arrival streamlines everything. Literally, everything.

CONCURRENT response activities

There are obvious priorities while on-scene. Law Enforcement will need to investigate before Tow hooks up, right? But allowing other disciplines to step in and start their jobs early while not hindering your job will allow all responders to get off the side of the road faster.

Next time you’re out on the road, remember to practice Safe, Quick Clearance so we can all go home.

Upcoming Training

The Coos Bay CERT Team is hosting a TIM Training on Saturday, June 8th from 1PM PST at the CHEC Building, 3950 Sherman AVE, North Bend, OR 97459.

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