Transformation in Action - Summer 2019

Transformation in Action: Sharing innovation. Celebrating success.

This issue highlights some innovative ways Oregon’s coordinated care organizations (CCOs), in partnership with communities, are addressing their members’ health-related social needs related to the social determinants of health (SDOH). These are just a few of the 45 projects presented at the recent Innovation Café hosted by the OHA Transformation Center. This sold-out peer-learning event brought together over 300 people from multiple sectors, including all 15 CCOs. One hundred percent of evaluation respondents planned to take action as a result of attending the convening.

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Spotlight: Social determinants of health

PAX Good Behavior Game

Yamhill partners create a sustainable funding model for social determinants of health

Yamhill Community Care led efforts to create a Community Prevention and Wellness Fund to support initiatives that will improve long-term health. Learn more about this sustainable funding model

Double Up Food Bucks

Double Up Food Bucks program boosts low-income customers’ ability to buy produce at farmers markets, improves health

Starting in 2015, AllCare Health has helped sponsor a program called Double Up Food Bucks in southwestern Oregon. Low-income customers can access up to $10 a week to spend at local farmers markets. Of surveyed participants in one county, 81% reported improved health. Read more about this program's impact

Tiny Cottages

Changing zoning codes to spur affordable housing development in Eastern Oregon

Recognizing the impact of housing on health, Greater Oregon Behavioral Health, Inc. helped change La Grande’s zoning codes for tiny cottages to increase affordable housing development. Learn how the change has already sparked a local development for veterans

Building Childhood Trauma Informed Networks to prevent and heal trauma and strengthen resiliency

In Clatsop and Columbia counties, Columbia Pacific CCO is supporting multi-sector efforts to develop a coordinated approach for trauma informed care. Learn how the networks will support children and parents

Kindergarten Readiness Launch

Kindergarten readiness: Systems ready for kids = kids ready for kindergarten

Health Share of Oregon is leading systems improvement in care for children and families in the Portland metro area by serving as a backbone organization for a Regional Kindergarten Readiness Network. Read about the network's approach

PrimaryHealth invests in community infrastructure to support health and well-being

In Grants Pass, a multi-stakeholder group has aligned to create a community where it’s easier to make healthy choices and strengthen social connections. Learn how the model is working

Walking School Bus

Students of Riverside Elementary participate in the walking school bus – an active transportation option led by volunteers.

CMO Corner: A message from Dana Hargunani, OHA Chief Medical Officer

We know the conditions in which people are born, grow, live, work and age impact their health and well-being even more than their medical care does. To transform the health system in a way that improves long-term health, lowers cost and reduces inequities, it’s essential to look beyond clinical services.

We value the commitment of partners who have been doing this work for years, as well as new shared priorities and partnerships sparked from CCOs’ community health assessments and improvement plans.

As the CCO stories here demonstrate, it is important to listen to community members (like participants of community advisory councils); work across sectors; and share resources to collectively impact CCO members’ health-related social needs like food security, affordable housing and early childhood education.

That’s why the OHA Transformation Center hosts peer learning events like the Innovation Café — because bringing people together is where work to address the social determinants of health starts.

I hope you’ll be inspired by these stories about innovative ways Oregon CCOs are working with their communities!