Marine Reserves News: 2019 Fish On! Newsletter, Cape Perpetua Management Plan

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2019 Fish On! Hook-and-Line Newsletter

Hook and Line Survey

Another successful year of hook and line surveys is completed, which means another edition of our annual FishOn! Hook and Line Newsletter is now out. This past year we caught and sampled 1,250 fish, representing 18 different species – including a variety of rockfishes, greenlings, and sculpins – at Redfish Rocks and Cape Falcon. Check out the Fish On! Newsletter to see survey highlights, photos, and more of the science and data our volunteers, fishing captains, and crews helped us collect in 2019.

This was our 4th year of hook and line surveys at Cape Falcon and the 7th year at Redfish Rocks. This also marked the 4th year of longline surveys at Redfish Rocks.

2019 FishOn! Newsletter

In 2020, we’ll be conducting our hook and line surveys at Cape Perpetua and Cascade Head. Expect to hear more from us in April when we start up our spring surveys. We’ll keep you up to date on these and our additional monitoring surveys and research happening in 2020 at Oregon’s marine reserve sites in our monthly eNewsletter as the field season is underway.

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Public Comment: Cape Perpetua Management Plan

Cape Perpetua Management Plan

The ODFW Marine Reserves Program has released a draft of the Cape Perpetua Site Management Plan for public comment. Comments are to be submitted by email to by February 28, 2020. The Draft Plan outlines the state’s marine reserve mandates and describes the management strategies that have been developed for the Cape Perpetua Marine Reserve site.

Site management plans, developed for each of Oregon’s reserve sites, can be used to:

  • Understand the state’s mandates guiding the implementation of Oregon’s marine reserves and the ODFW Marine Reserves Program.
  • See the state’s and the communities’ priorities for management of the site.
  • See the management strategies that ODFW and our state agency management partners are committed to carrying out for the site.
  • Understand the local communities’ interests for activities above and beyond what is being carried out by ODFW or our state agency management partners.

Draft Cape Perpetua Site Management Plan – comments due by February 28, 2020

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