Marine Reserves News: Mind-Bending Mollusks of the Intertidal Zone

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Mind-Bending Mollusks of the Intertidal Zone


Lined Chiton (Photo by Stephen Grace)

Hidden among rocky crevices, mollusks such as limpets, chitons and snails call the intertidal zone home. Within the Marine Reserves Program, these mollusks are observed during intertidal biodiversity monitoring. We invited guest author, filmmaker and photographer, Stephen Grace to share his take on intertidal mollusks. 

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Video: Sea Star Surveying at Otter Rock

Wednesday was the start of a great low tide series and we were out doing sea star surveys at Otter Rock. Check out the live video on Facebook to learn more about this research and see some of the cool things we found.

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Redfish Rocks on the Docks this Saturday!

The 5th annual Redfish Rocks on the Docks will take place this Saturday, June 16th from 11AM - 3PM. Join us, along with the groups listed below, in Port Orford.


First Pulse of Juvenile Rockfish at Redfish Rocks


Juvenile rockfish caught last week (Photo by Will Fennie, OSU researcher)

It's SMURFing season! Last week, the first pulse of juvenile rockfish were observed during the first sampling trip at Redfish Rocks Marine Reserve. The team collected 80 cabezon, 67 olive/yellowtail/black rockfish, 6 kelp greenlings, 1 clingfish and 1 snailfish. This effort is a collaboration between ODFW's Marine Reserves Program and Oregon State University researchers. 

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