5 Year Review; Mother-In-Law Fish; Cascade Head Plan Public Review

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5 Year Review - Science & Technical Advisory Committee


The ODFW Marine Reserves Program met with the Scientific and Technical Advisory Committee (STAC) in Corvallis on Thursday April 13, 2017 to discuss the ODFW Marine Reserves Program’s activities to date, the Marine Reserves Program evaluation due in the year 2023, and how STAC can position itself to lead the best evaluation possible for 2023.

“This meeting was a great kickoff for starting to hone in on what types of syntheses and products will be most informative, and need to be put together by our Program, for the evaluation” said Cristen Don, the Marine Reserves Program Leader at ODFW. “We will be continuing these discussions with STAC over the next year or so as we begin preparing for the Program evaluation” she said.

Click below to see the meeting agenda, a summary of the discussions had throughout the day, a timeline for the Program evaluation, and copies of the presentations given by ODFW staff.

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Meet Our Mother-In-Law: She's A Croaker


As a large, monstrous head broke the surface with a splash, a researcher quickly scooped it up and placed it on a board for measuring. Meet the cabezon, a large, goth-looking sculpin whose genus name literally translates to “scorpion fish” and means “large head” in Spanish. In fact, their large mouths and constant croaking have inspired their tongue-in-cheek nickname ‘mother-in-law fish.’  Cabezon were the catch du jour at Cape Falcon Marine Reserve during the last research trip, with 14 caught in two days. For comparison, the normal catch at Cape Falcon is only a few. The reasons why this occur is still a mystery. 

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Let Us Know What You Think! Cascade Head Site Management Plan

cascade head

The ODFW Marine Reserves Program has released a draft of the Cascade Head Site Management Plan for public comment. Comments are to be submitted by email to odfw.marinereserves@state.or.us by June 16th, 2017. 

The Draft Plan outlines the state’s marine reserve mandates and describes the management strategies that have been developed for the Cascade Head Marine Reserve site.

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Welcome Aboard: Meet Dr. Lindsay Aylesworth


Meet Dr. Lindsay Aylesworth. Lindsay recently started as the new Ecological Monitoring Project Leader, and oversees the Program’s ecological research. She received her doctoral degree and completed a post-doctoral research fellowship at the University of British Columbia, where she focused on data-poor marine species in Southeast Asia. Over the past ten years Lindsay has worked on a variety of marine issues including bycatch in Pacific Island fisheries, endangered species research, coral reef ecology, and fisheries management. We're excited to have her onboard!

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