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Many Faces of Science: Commerical Fisherman Jeff Miles

The old stereotype of researchers wearing white lab coats hearkens to a bygone era that has given way to a new and collaborative form of science. This new form of science involves swapping lab coats for boots, waders ... and a fishing boat. Meet commercial fisherman, research collaborator, and Captain of the F/V Top Gun, Jeff Miles. 

Jeff has seen a lot in his 40 years as a fisherman – banner crab years, the salmon crash of the 1980’s, followed by a groundfish crash a decade later. Like many fishermen that lived through those eras, he had to reinvent himself, learning new skills as he went. 

kelly and jeff

Longline research aboard the F/V Top Gun near Redfish Rocks Marine Reserve. Pictured are ODFW biologist, Kelly Lawrence, and Captain Jeff Miles. 

 “Back then, it was a heavy case of ‘them versus us’….Between fishermen, management and the environmental community, nobody trusted anybody. I actually had to grow out of that and into where I’m at now.” 

Where Jeff is now, includes a diverse portfolio of expertise, including: fisherman and research collaborator, topped off with a good amount of policy work. Read more about Jeff and the projects he is involved in...

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