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A Deeper Dive

Ecology Team Evaluates Long-Line Sampling

Out on the boat long-lining

The Ecological Monitoring team joined forces with commercial fisherman Jeff Miles (pictured here with Jessica) to pilot a new study to sample fish in the marine reserve. Relying on Jeff's expertise and local knowledge of the area, the team used both long-lining and hook and line jigging to bring fish on the boat. The fish were then measured and released back to the ocean.  The team was successful in sampling a diversity of species---a goal of this approach-- including several copper, vermillion, yelloweye, china, and quillback rockfishes. The team will continue to work with Jeff over the coming month to refine this sampling.  To learn more about long-line sampling visit our blog.


First Wave of Baby Fish Sampled in SMURFS

Snorkler in the water with SMURF sampler

SMURFS were sampled for the first time this year in early May in Otter Rock with ODFW's boat the Shearwater. We collected 79 fish: 76 Cabazon and 3 rockfishes that will be identified later. 

This picture shows a snorkeler gathering the SMURF in a net (pink net with black handles).  Don't know what a SMURF is, see our blog post here for a description.

Yesterday, we sampled the SMURF in Otter Rock again and collected an additional 66 juvenile fish. We will collect the Redfish Rocks SMURF later this week.



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