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LMSRP Bi-Weekly Bulletin

April 15 Edition

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The LMSRP Bi-Weekly Bulletin is a communication tool designed to assist you in your role by providing you relevant and meaningful information regarding the project. 

Feel free to share this information with others within your organization.


What’s Occurred

Here’s what’s occurred since the last LMSRP Bulletin:

LMSRP? Tell me more, please! – Early analysis of the 90 Day Assessment has uncovered that individuals are seeking more information to be shared by their agency. Please help us share project related information, see Agency Action below.

Open Houses – The 5th series of the Open House has been recorded and posted; view this and all previous recordings in iLearnOregon.

Series 6 starts on Tuesday, April 27th, please review the flier on the LMSRP webpage to see when the next sessions will be held.


What's Coming

Below is what you can expect in the weeks ahead:

LMSRP Team:  The LMSRP team is very busy over the next few weeks with several project activities.

Training - Identify, develop, and deliver training related to Workday Learning for elevated roles and learners.

Reports – Continue to develop and deliver training related reports, arrange Dashboards, and identify post go-live analysis of report effectiveness.

Cutover Planning – Members of the LMSRP team are working with the current Workday Oregon support team, and IBM, to develop a plan for turning Learning on in the current Workday Oregon site. Very exciting!

Along with the tasks identified above, ongoing communication from the team to the enterprise, and meeting with agency Learning Partners will keep the project team busy.

Action Needed

Agency Action Needed

Below are necessary action items designed to help agencies prepare for the transition to Workday Learning: 

Spread the word: This is so important, it needs to be said again… The LMSRP Team is depending on all of you to help share information about the project within your networks!

The State of Oregon is two months away from go-live, it’s time for all of us to over communicate. The LMSRP team appreciates everyone that has been staying involved in project communication and helping us get the word out. Please keep the momentum up, we need to reach the pockets within agencies that do not have the information they need.

Remember, this change impacts everyone that uses iLearnOregon!


Visit the LMS Replacement Project webpage

View the Open House Recordings

Attend an Open House

Share the Employee/Contingent Worker or Extended Enterprise Learner message throughout your networks


Additional Information

Here’s some additional information you may find helpful:

Contact the LMSRP Team: Send your questions, feedback, or requests for assistance to LMS.Workday@oregon.gov.

LMSRP Bulletin: Looking for past issues of the LMSRP Bi-Weekly Bulletin? Click here.

Upcoming LMSRP Events: As always remember to review the LMSRP Calendar to see when events are occurring. 

For more information about the project, please visit our webpage.

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We hope you found this information valuable, please share it appropriately. Until next time, have a wonderful day!

In partnership,

The LMS Replacement Project Team

Workday Oregon (DAS – CHRO)


For more information about the project, please visit our webpage. Stay informed by subscribing to our bi-weekly bulletin below!