Workday Project Newsletter: May 2018

May 2018 | Workday Project Newsletter

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How are we measuring success?

By Twyla Lawson, Business Change Manager (Workday Project) and Legacy HR Systems Manager

You may be wondering how, when Workday is implemented, Oregon state government will measure implementation success. While each individual will have their own definition of success, there are six key goals that were identified early on in the project.  Each goal has several metrics for success. The six goals and an example of a metric within each goal is presented below:

6 goals

While these measures will not confirm that every positive impact of the overall success of the Workday Project has been achieved, they will confirm whether or not the overall goals of the project were met. Click here to view the project Steering Committee's full set of vision, goals and objectives.  We believe we are on track for success!

Project sponsors present update to Legislature

By Karsyn Mathany, Project Administrative Support, Workday Project

State Chief Operating Officer and Department of Administrative Services Director Katy Coba, along with our two executive sponsors, Lisa Sumption (Director of Oregon Parks and Recreation) and Madilyn Zike (State Chief Human Resources Officer), presented a project update last week before the Joint Legislative Committee on Information Management and Technology. Click here and skip to 25:55 to view their update!

Sponsors II


The project update includes the following information:

Joint Committee slide II

Coming soon: System testing and previews

By the Organizational Change Management Unit, Workday Project

Ever since the Workday go-live date shifted from June to September, the Workday Project team’s Organizational Change Management unit can now take advantage of its additional time to show users what Workday will look like. A series of discussions and forums designed to provide opportunities to see and test Workday with our actual state government data are scheduled to occur this summer. 

Starting with user acceptance testing in June, selected individuals across the enterprise will have an opportunity to get hands-on exposure to Workday. Subject matter experts will soon execute test scripts that demonstrate how Workday business processes will work when we go live. The test environment will have our “real” sample data, so the test will look and feel very relevant to testers. 

HR Directors and Change Leaders will have an opportunity to attend Change Impact Discussion Forums. At these forums, participants will see the lifecycle of an employee (i.e. recruit to off-board) with their own data in Workday and many of the changes that occur in between. These sessions will occur during the weeks of June 4 and June 11. Additional previews and facilitated sandbox sessions of Workday will occur as additional subject matter experts explore their respective functional areas in Workday.  

Agency extracts: The "what" and the "why"

By Roger Dosier, Technical Lead, Workday Project

The current state government human resources technology and reporting structures cannot provide all of the information that our agencies need, and many agencies have been operating out of multiple ancillary systems as a result. These efforts will most likely prove duplicative with the functionality that Workday provides. In order to make this transition as smooth as possible, and to accommodate the needs of our enterprise's IT teams, the Workday Project team will provide three data extract files to select agencies.

The three extract files that will temporarily serve as PPDB look-alike feeds are described here:

  1. The first file is a daily transaction file (including those with future effective dates) regarding changes to an agency’s employees.
  2. The second file is a daily full file (this is static picture – often referred to as "top of stack") of all of the agency’s personnel.
  3. The third file is a weekly position data file.

We have been beta testing with Oregon Department of Transportation as well as the Department of Human Services / Oregon Health Authority. We are now actively rolling out sample files to the 26 agencies who have requested to receive them. These agencies are currently conducting analyses to determine which of their ancillary systems are duplicative to Workday and can eventually be phased out.

Budget IV

Click on the graphic above for a PDF version of our updated implementation schedule!

Roles IV

Click on the infographic above for a PDF version of our high level post-go-live roles overview!


Agency extract recipients:


Implementation schedule:

Joint Legislative Committee on Information Management and Technology - May 2018:

Project update:

Roles infographic:


Vision, goals and objectives of the project:,%20goals,%20and%20objectives.pdf


For more information about the project, please visit our website. Stay informed by following our Twitter feed and blog!