Workday Project Newsletter: November 2017

November 2017 | Workday Project Newsletter

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SCHRP program uses Workday Project for learning opportunity

By Twyla Lawson, Business Change & Legacy HR Systems Manager, Workday Project

The DAS – Chief Human Resources Office (CHRO) is promoting a workforce culture of lifelong learning, professional recognition and personal growth. The State-Certified HR Professionals (SCHRP) program is a vehicle for professional growth and career development for HR professionals across state government. SCHRP recognizes HR professionals' abilities, experience and commitment to human resources and reduces barriers across human resource functions and departments. The program also creates a sustainable and agile human resources workforce, thereby advancing Oregon state government in an ever-changing environment.

As part of the training experience component of the program, each cohort breaks in to small groups to complete and present a mini-project. Several of these projects have included elements related to Workday implementation. This week, we were honored to have one team choose the Workday employee self-service function as the focus of their training effort. Workday Project team members sitting in the audience agreed that the group conducted an incredible presentation! The team (pictured below and noted from left to right) consisted of Alida McNew (Human Resources Analyst with ODFW) , Renee HK-LeBlond (Employee Civil Rights and Diversity Manager at ODOT) and Anna Chamberland (Classification Analyst with DCBS).


The following graphic is a sample slide from their presentation. We are extremely proud of them for their effort and will surely use some of their materials as we move closer to Workday go-live next summer.  For more information on SCHRP, please visit the program's webpage.


#ThrowbackThursday: how "HRIS Project" became "Workday Project"


The following infographic summarizes RFP evaluation statistics before the HRIS software solution was chosen and, as such, when the project was still referred to as the "HRIS Project." The infographic may also be viewed as a PDF.


Monthly OCM update: "the Network," new Prosci graduates and more!

By Elizabeth Anderson, Strategy Consultant, IBM

The Workday Project is helping build change-conscious capability for state government through its foundation of a Change Leader Network. One of the key groups within this Network is the Agency Readiness Contacts (ARCs). ARCs act as a project conduit for readiness activities in the agencies, boards and commissions to which they belong (i.e. their “organizations.”) These Network members interface with the Workday Project’s Organizational Change Management (OCM) unit to ensure their own organizations are both prepared for implementation and equipped for new business processes. ARCs have been chosen by their respective organizations; the complete ARC roster can be found on the project’s website.

This month, all ARCs came together in order to better understand their roles and anticipated OCM-geared responsibilities as members of the Network.  ARCs were also tasked with collecting the work location and supervisor information for every state government agency employee through a custom-made application that uses ArcGIS, a geographic mapping technology. This effort is critical to the successful creation of the first Workday environment the project team will test early next year.

Another group within the Network is the Change Leaders by Program Areas. Most of the Change Leaders (“CLs”) are certified in Prosci® (see our October newsletter for more information on this change management methodology). CLs assist with determining overall agency readiness and where agency staff such as ARCs may need additional support. This group also met this month to discuss their role.

Regarding Prosci, the Workday Project would like to congratulate the second class to earn Prosci Change Management Certification! Training occurred between October 17 and October 19. In order from left to right in the group portrait below, class participants included:

  • Joyce Martinez, Project Manager, Workday Project*
  • Robert Baugh, Information Systems Specialist, Oregon Military Department
  • Michele Nichols, Statewide Audit & Budget Reporting Services, Department of Administrative Services
  • Sue Williams, Position Management and Budget Consultant, Workday Project
  • Cedar McMurrin, Employee Records Management & Employee Services, Oregon Legislature
  • Kaci Bartholomew, HR Analyst, Employment Department
  • Kimberly Charshaf, Highway Resource Planning Program Manager, Oregon Department of Transportation
  • Eileen Bennett, HR Analyst, Oregon State Police
  • Gayle Young, HR Manager, Judicial Department
  • Lisa Sumption, Director, Parks and Recreation Department & Executive Sponsor, Workday Project*
  • Darcie Wentzel, HR Analyst, Department of Agriculture
  • Madilyn Zike, Chief Human Resource Officer, DAS-CHRO & Executive Sponsor, Workday Project*
  • Karen Slothower, Public Health Director of Fiscal & Business Operations, Oregon Health Authority
  • Amber Rogers, HR Program Coordinator, Public Utility Commission
  • Courtney Brooks, Project Manager (Business Systems Development), Department of Environmental Quality
  • Linda Bures, HR Director, Department of Energy
  • Shilo Muller, Recruitment/Classification/Compensation Consultant, Workday Project
  • Missy Wagers, HR Business Partner, DAS-CHRO
  • Jill Woods, HR Consultant (Statewide Recruitment), DAS-CHRO
  • Twyla Lawson, Business Change & Legacy HR Systems Manager, Workday Project*

*change champions who were not certified on October 19


For more information about the project, please visit our website. Stay informed by following our Twitter feed and blog!