Oklahoma Comprehensive Water Plan - January Update


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Action Items


Utility Providers: take the Water Supply Infrastructure Needs Survey (WSINS) here!

Upcoming Events

January 30: The WateReuse Association is hosting a webcast titled "Austrialian Water Reuse Perspectives."

February 2: The Source Water Collaborative is putting on a webinar detailing securing federal funding for The Nature Conservancy's Watershed Investment Programs.

March 5-8: The 2023 WateReuse Symposium, hosted by the WateReuse Association, is being held in Atlanta, GA. 

April 24-25: The National Ground Water Association and the Ground Water Protection Council are hosting a conference titled "Managed Aquifer Recharge: Unleashing Resiliency, Protecting Groundwater Quality" in San Antonio, TX.

Drought Resources

As Oklahoma suffers from continued drought, access OWRB's Drought Monitoring Site to review data on our current situation.

Review drought data on the national scale through the National Integrated Drought Information System. 

From the Planning Director:

OCWP Highlights

Infrastructure Needs Surveys

Utility Providers: the Water Supply Infrastructure Needs Survey (WSINS) is now open! Survey CLOSES January 30!

The Oklahoma Water Resources Board (OWRB) has teamed with Freese and Nichols, Inc. to complete the WSINS to identify water infrastructure needs for the 2025 Oklahoma Comprehensive Water Plan (OCWP). You, along with other communities, will help demonstrate the need to maintain current water infrastructure funding in Oklahoma, and potentially seek additional funds, to state and federal lawmakers.

The Clean Water Needs Survey (CWNS) for wastewater infrastructure has now closed, as data collection is complete. The system information we receive from these water and wastewater surveys will give us a far more accurate description of the expected needs and shortfalls across the state. Our OCWP team will then use this information to identify the OCWP Focus Basins and will develop long-term water management strategies and recommend local solutions in funding, policy, and legislation.

USACE Awards OWRB $1,200,000 PAS&T

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) has awarded a third installment from its Planning Assistance to States & Tribes program to the OWRB to enhance the 2025 Oklahoma Water Plan! While funds are limited and competitive across the nation, the SWD Tulsa District has been a critical partner that made this happen!

With the additional expertise of the Corps and its contractors, the PAS&T program gives the OWRB the ability to fulfill many critical tasks and subtasks among our long list of priority analyses, studies, and engagement we are striving to accomplish by 2025. 

To date, USACE has been instrumental in our efforts by funding the 2025 OCWP Programmatic Work Plan and the Water Infrastructure Needs Survey announced above.

Data and Modeling

Fifty-year consumptive demand projections by watershed basin are in process awaiting final population projections from the 2020 Census. It is anticipated that projections will be released in late spring of 2023 for all 82 planning basins. Once projections are complete, we will apply the water supply evaluations for both the physical water availability, as well as permit capacity for future needs in each basin. The OCWP supply and demand model will serve as the baseline for almost everything we do in the 2025 process, such as identifying OCWP Focus Basins, applying what-if scenarios and developing water management strategies for drought and flood or perhaps nonconsumptive demand scenarios in Scenic Rivers, etc.


In 2022, the OCWP Planning Team held numerous meetings with state officials, water professionals, city representatives, farmers, and others to begin addressing the state's most pressing water issues. To date, four workgroups have been formed focusing on the critical topics of irrigation, water workforce development, water reuse, and source water protection. 


Funding Opportunities

National Ground Water Monitoring Network Awards

The Groundwater and Streamflow Information Program of the USGS is offering a cooperative agreement funding opportunity to state or local water-resources agencies that collect groundwater data to participate in the National Ground-Water Monitoring Network (NGWMN). The NGWMN is designed to be a compilation of selected wells and springs from existing monitoring efforts to create a network to assess long-term water-level and water-quality trends at a national scale. The U.S. Geological Survey will award up to $1.7 million in cooperative agreements to support participation in the NGWMN in 2023. 

  • Click here to view the NGWMN funding opportunity and complete an application by January 26, 2023.

WaterSMART Water Recycling and Desalination Planning Program

The United States Bureau of Reclamation is providing planning funding for water reuse, recycling, and desalination feasibility studies; investigations/data collection; alternatives evaluations; development project cost estimates; design activities; and/or environmental/cultural resource compliance activities. Eligible applicants include States, Indian Tribes, irrigation districts, water districts, wastewater districts, municipalities and other entities with water or power delivery authority. Applicants must be located in the Western United States.

  • Group I: Up to $1 million in Federal funds with an anticipated total project cost of less than $500 million. 
  • Group II: Up to $5 million in Federal funds with an anticipated total project cost of more than $500 million.

Click here to view the WaterSMART funding opportunity and complete an application by February 28, 2023.