AWESOME News - December 7, 2018



December 7, 2018 Vol. 48. No. 37                                                                AWESOME NEWSLETTER

Community Corps


Preparing for capture the flag.


Community Corps consists of senior students selected to serve as peer mentors to junior students during their first year at OSSM. They are responsible for developing and maintaining positive relationships with students; supporting and encouraging students; serving as a resource by answering questions and providing assistance to students; and being an overall positive influence for students. Community Corps planned and organized the community event of Capture the Flag and a Dessert Potluck. For one hour an intense game of Capture the Flag was played campus wide, 1st floors vs. 2nd floors. After Capture the Flag, each floor baked different desserts with their CRAs (Community Resident Advisors). The students brought their desserts to the Great Hall for everyone to enjoy various goodies before study time. 


Floor desserts!

Sophomore Preview Day


Every year the office of admissions searches for 10th graders who have been identified as some of the best and brightest students in the state of Oklahoma.

On Saturday, December 1st, we hosted 109 students and their parents at our annual Sophomore Preview Day experience. At the event they learned about the Oklahoma School of Science and Mathematics and our exceptional academic program. Each attendee had the opportunity to tour our campus and spent time visiting with faculty, current students and  PAOSSM parents.

“Preview Day really helped us confirm that OSSM is a very special place! My wife and I believe that the opportunities that OSSM will offer my daughter will be life changing.” - A sophomore parent who attended the Preview Day experience.



From the Desk of Dr. Wang


Doing a little bit every day makes the "impossible" possible

This Thanksgiving, my brother and his family from California came to visit and two of my children returned home from college to join my two younger children who are still living at home.   To prepare for this influx of people, my wife and I needed to clear a room of a whole bunch of stuff.  It looked overwhelming (and I thought impossible given the short time frame).  We rented a small storage closet nearby and daily, my wife and I moved boxes and things.  Over ten days, we moved 106 boxes.  Just doing a little bit every day made this seemingly insurmountable task doable.  

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Please read the email sent on Friday, Dec. 7 which included instructions about our new way of communicating about the weather.



Please read the email sent on Friday, Dec. 7 about weather instructions.

CADFish takes a win.


Welcome Paycom to Wednesday Assembly

pay come

On November 28th, we were very pleased to welcome CIO Brad Smith and Software Development Manager Chris Nusbaum from Paycom as Wednesday Assembly speakers.  The talk was fascinating, and students enjoyed a special connection--Mr. Nusbaum (pictured) is also an OSSM Class of 1996 alumnus!

Coming Events:


Dec. 8 

  • Open Weekend

Dec. 10-14

  • Finals Weeks

Dec. 15- Jan. 6

  • Winter Break

Jan. 6

  • Return from break by 3:30-7:45 pm



Special Thank you in Notes

PAOSSM sponsored events in Nov. and Dec.: Surprise Food Truck Friday, Sophomore Preview day snack last Saturday and Fine arts snack after final performances.

Thanks to Mr. Neil Steimer our pumpkin sponsor in October.

Thanks to Mr.Ngai Nguyen & Dr. Cheng Zhong coordinators for Faculty Care Gift to. Dr.Rahman

Thanks to Ms. Lisa Cheng for preview day volunteer.

Thanks to  Dr. Padma Velury our surprise food truck coordinator and Mrs. Regina Lee & Mrs. Lisa Cheng for food truck volunteer.

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East Asian Field Trip


This past week students in Professor Baxter's East Asian History course had the opportunity to participate in field trips to our local Asian/International market Cao Nguyen, as well as to Cafe Oasis for Boba (Bubble) Tea. 

Students pictured in "Cao Nguyen " are:  Anthony Nguyen and August Limvaree. 

Final Arts Performance


Fine Arts classes ended with Final Performances on November 29th.  Students, faculty and parents enjoyed musical performances as well as viewing some creative art pieces.

History of Medicine


History of Medicine, now finishing its second year in the Humanities course offerings, allows students to examine the development of medicine from folk healing traditions of ancient civilizations to the scientific medicine of the modern age.  The class is intended to emphasize the way medicine and society have affected one another throughout history and to bridge interests between STEM fields and the Humanities. 

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