Disposal of Untagged Dispensary Inventory

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Aug. 25, 2022



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Disposal of Untagged Dispensary Inventory

OMMA-licensed waste disposal facilities may soon receive requests from OMMA-licensed dispensaries to dispose of untagged products that weren’t sold or disposed of before the Aug. 24 deadline. Below is some background information, and details on how to accept these requests and dispose of the inventory.


On Feb. 25, a judge signed an Agreed Order that set a deadline of May 26 for OMMA-licensed businesses to bring their inventory inside the Metrc statewide seed-to-sale tracking system using Metrc plant or package tags.

The Agreed Order allowed dispensaries to sell or legally dispose of untagged products (outside Metrc) through Aug. 24.

OMMA anticipates some dispensaries have untagged products after the deadline.

In order to prevent possible illegal diversion of those products, OMMA will allow dispensaries to arrange for OMMA-licensed waste disposal companies to legally pick up and dispose of those products after the Aug. 24 deadline.

Next Steps for Dispensaries

Dispensaries that missed the deadline and contact OMMA will receive instructions to fill out a form requesting an inventory accommodation. The form requires the dispensary to have already made arrangements for disposal with an OMMA-licensed waste disposal facility, and provide OMMA with a waste log or inventory manifest showing what is being disposed.

Dispensaries will be responsible for contacting the waste disposal facility and arranging for the disposal company to pick up the products. After the dispensary completes the inventory accommodation request form, OMMA will notify the dispensary of next steps.

Accepting Untagged Waste

OMMA-licensed waste disposal facilities may accept requests from dispensaries to dispose of untagged products, even after the Aug. 24 deadline. The waste disposal company must agree to pick up the products to be wasted, and transport them to the waste facility.

After the dispensary and waste disposal company finish making arrangements for pickup, the dispensary will notify OMMA (using the form described above) about the arrangement.

OMMA will then open external transfers for the waste disposal facility, allowing the facility to accept the inventory from the dispensary. OMMA will notify the waste disposal facility when the external transfer function has been opened.

It’s the waste disposal facility’s responsibility to ensure the products accepted for disposal match the dispensary’s waste log or inventory manifest submitted with the products.

The waste disposal facility can then dispose of the products using normal, approved procedures for disposal of medical marijuana waste.


Contact OMMACommunications@ok.gov.