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Social Studied Implementation Guide Posted

The new Implementation Guide for the Oklahoma C3 Standards for the Social Studies has been posted on the Oklahoma State Department of Education’s Website on the Social Studies page.  The Implementation Guide can be accessed directly here.

The Implementation Guide provides information on the following topics.

  • The role of the Social Studies in developing citizen ready graduates.
  • An overview of the four core areas of social studies education.
  • An explanation of the design principle and philosophy for the standards, the Coherency Storyline.
  • The use of the Common Core State Standards Literacy for History/Social Studies  as the new social studies process skills.
  • A summary of the significant differences between the new social studies standards and the old social studies Priority Academic Student Skills.
  • A summary of the impact of the new standards on the four state-mandated social studies assessments.
  • The use of Basic Academic Vocabulary in social studies instruction including new word lists for all grades and courses.
  • A Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section that covers the standards/curriculum framework, student assessment, and resources.
  • A system of notating the new standards in lesson plans, curriculum maps, etc.

For further information regarding the new standards and implementation, contact Mr. Kelly Curtright, Director for Social Studies Education at (405) 522-3523 or

Native American Language Certification Committee Members Sought 

The Oklahoma State Department of Education is in the process of developing certification for instructors of Native American Languages in Oklahoma public schools. A committee will be formed to review past certification in our state, investigate similar certification in other states, and work to develop the new certification standards in collaboration with Oklahoma’s Tribes.  All interested parties wishing to be part of the committee may complete an application by October 17, 2012, to apply. Download an application form here. 

For more information, contact: 

Desa Dawson, Director World Languages, 405.521.3035,

Dwight M. Pickering, Director American Indian Education, 405.522.1591


Think Through Math image

Free Math for Schools

Thanks to a partnership with the Oklahoma State Department of Education, Think Through Math is now available to all school districts in Oklahoma AT NO COST. Everything, from student licenses, to implementation training and ongoing support, to participation in our national and Oklahoma-specific motivation program is included in this program provided by the SDE.

Think Through Math is an award-winning, adaptive, math intervention for grades 4–8, including Algebra Readiness and Algebra I. The program provides unprecedented differentiation that prepares students for the more rigorous Common Core State Standards. Think Through Math deepens understanding of critical mathematical concepts, improves higher-order thinking and problem-solving skills, and transforms the way students feel about math – and themselves.

Register now for a 30-minute webinar to find out more about this state-funded program for Oklahoma schools or view a full list of sessions and links to register for the webinars. 

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