December 2019 Student Support Newsletter

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December 2019

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Counselor Spotlight

Tiffani Gallagher

Mrs. Tiffani Gallagher is a first year counselor at Cordell Public Schools. Previouly she taught ELA at both the elementary and secondary levels.

Mrs. Gallagher chose to pursue her masters degree in counseling to make a difference in every child's life and to improve the working relationships within Cordell Public Schools faculty.  She is currently the high school counselor and is thriving in her new role. Tiffani's coworkers report "it is like she has been doing this work for years."

Mrs. Gallagher is always in contact with her students to make sure they are on track and getting the help they need,  working one on one with students with academic needs. Tiffani does all of this and more, while also being a mother of two and a coach's wife. She is always making sure that athletes are being fed by donating whatever necessities are needed.  Mrs. Gallagher shows her support of her students by attending all of their athletic events. She is very confident in her job and is committed to making sure all of her students and teachers are successful in whatever they are trying to accomplish.

Nikki Jolly

Nikki Jolly is a counselor at Central Elementary and Central Intermediate in Bixby Public Schools. Ms. Jolly has developed a behavioral management program for at risk students as well as a check in/check out system. Nikki has her students check in with her in the morning to set a goal for the day and check out with her in the afternoon. This system helps her students develop accountability and responsibility for their behavior and choices. Ms. Jolly is available for students and staff whenever a need arises.

Nikki has a therapy dog, named Korie, who the students look for when they need to be calmed and supported. Korie can read commands on cards like "sit" and "stay" and shows students the importance of patience, perseverance, and respect through her actions. 

Through a grant she received from Wal-Mart, Ms. Jolly has set up a coffee shop for students who attain their behavioral goals. She brings in community leaders to train students on how to make coffee and tea products. At the end of the week the students who meet their behavioral goals get to make a variety of coffee and tea beverages for the adults who place orders. Nikki also invited the Bixby Police Department to her school in order for the students to begin building positive relationships with community leaders. 

Lauren Shelton

Lauren Shelton is a counselor at Elk City High School. Since Mrs. Shelton started with the district 10 years ago, she has worked tirelessly with staff to provide for their students in many ways.

Mrs. Shelton provides individualized academic and career planning to her students by meeting with each junior and senior student during enrollment. Lauren helped lead the implementation of PLCs in the district in order to improve the learning of all students. Mrs. Shelton provides individual and group counseling sessions for struggling students and connects them to resources such as tutors, shelters, food banks, medical, mental health services and more. Lauren does all of this while overseeing state testing for the high school and serving on numerous committees. Mrs. Shelton is also currently pursuing her LPC.

SEL and Mental Health

Free Digital Citizenship Curriculum for Grades K-12

For free lessons on Digital Citizenship appropriate for grade levels kindergarten through 12th click here. Lessons include "How Technology Makes me Feel", "Chatting Safely Online" and "Finding Balance in a Media World" among many others. 

Career and College Readiness

December 19, 2019

Join us to hear first-hand perspective on the importance of Mentorships, a component of work-based learning. 

Guest Presenter: Beverly Woodrome, Former Director, Boren Mentoring Initiative 

To register, click here


Bullying Prevention Specialist Position Open

Under direction, establish a prevention program combining resources and expertise of the Oklahoma State Department of Education (OSDE) for the purpose of integrating and promoting evidence-based bullying awareness and prevention resources to improve student achievement; coordinate training and technical assistance to local education agencies on issues of safe and healthy school practices and prevention related to suicide, bullying, alcohol, drugs, violence and bullying; promote and monitor utilization of best practices. If interested in applying for this position click here.

2019 Bullying Awareness Poster Contest

For entry requirements click here.

Academic Counseling

Transcript Guidance

Check out the updated Transcript Guidance FAQ for the most recent requirements for posting to transcript here.

2023 Core Pathway Checklist and Opt Out Form

If you have students who plan to graduate on the Core Pathway, be sure to see the latest checklist AND complete the required Parental Curriculum Choice Letter (opt out form) confirming with the parent and student their selection.  Keep this on file with student records for accreditation purposes. The checklist and Opt Out form can be found here.

Graduation Part Time Report Quarter 1 Due

A part-time student is a student who was denied a standard diploma by the school district due to a lack of required credits in either College Preparatory/Work Ready Curriculum or Core Curriculum that re-enrolls in that same school district on a part-time basis to meet the unfulfilled graduation requirements. This is in accordance with Senate Bill 1105 (70 O.S. § 11-103.6). Students can only enroll in courses or periods necessary to meet the graduation requirements. They are reported quarterly through the Graduation Part-Time report in the WAVE.  Even if you do not have any students returning part-time, this report is still required. The report for Qtr 1 is due December 20.

Archon Resources Scholarship

Archon Resources, LLC, a staffing firm for Information Technology and Accounting/Finance professionals announces its “Leading the Way with Archon” scholarship program. Under the Program, two (2) $500 scholarships will be awarded to seniors attending a high school in a city or town of Oklahoma. For a link to the application click here.

Family and Community Engagement

Did you know the U.S. Department of Education has a Family and Community Engagement team? Their mission states: 

Raising the next generation is a shared responsibility. When families, communities and schools work together, students are more successful and the entire community benefits. For schools and districts across the U.S., family engagement is becoming an integral part of education reform efforts.

Multiple resources can be found on their website here.. Resources include a toolkit of resources to engage families and community members as partners in education, a handbook on family engagement, and much more. Check it out!

Upcoming Events

Trauma Summit 2.0

Please join Superintendent Hofmeister as she welcomes Dr. Bruce Perry with the Child Trauma Academy to speak on Monday, February 17, 2020, at the Cox Convention Center. This event is FREE and open to all educators, non-profit partners, tribal entities, other government agencies and any organization who currently works with at-risk children. We are working on having the summit approved for LPC/LMFT CEUs (2 units). Register here.


The Body Keeps the Score Book Study

If you would like to join the upcoming Project AWARE Trauma Informed Book Study please contact


Tribal Resources

For a guidance presentation with an abundance of information regarding services available to Native American students living outside of their tribal areas click here.