TLE Newsletter-- March

March 2017

Professional Learning Focus Ready to Rollout


Recent legislative changes to the TLE process has placed a smaller emphasis on the quantitative measures in our system and a greater focus on professional growth for educators.  

As stated in House Bill 2957, "Every policy of professional development adopted by a school district board of education shall provide for the development of a focused and individualized program of professional development for the teacher or administrator that is consistent with the qualitative component of the TLE."

Over the past six months, educational stakeholders from across Oklahoma have been working on developing a framework for districts to pilot during the 2017-18 school year.  This new component of TLE is known as the Professional Learning Focus (PL Focus).  

Through the PL Focus, teachers and administrators will have the ability to collaborate with their evaluators to engage in personalized learning that they determine will help them grow as professionals.  The purpose is not to attach a rating or grade to an individual's PL Focus, nor is it to increase professional development point requirements for educators.  Rather, the goal is to provide a vehicle for learning based on an individual's expertise area.

More detailed presentations on the Professional Learning Focus will be made through regional sessions as well as webinars from the State Department of Education.  Recorded webinar sessions will be made available on the TLE website.  

Dates, times, and registration information for regional sessions and webinars are listed below.