TLE Newsletter-- June

June 2016

Teacher Input Needed

The TLE office wants to hear your voice. Regional stakeholder advisory groups will soon be developed comprised of five groups representing various regions of Oklahoma. These advisory groups will meet on a quarterly basis to discuss current issues on evaluation, improving our system, and moving toward a performance-driven model. This is your opportunity to provide positive feedback to improve teacher and leader effectiveness in Oklahoma. We are in search of teachers from a variety of backgrounds in order to gain a wide variety of perspectives relative to every teaching background.

OSDE believes TLE system should:

  • Provide opportunities for teachers to improve their instruction
  • Be a collaborative endeavor between the evaluator and the person being evaluated
  • Facilitate open communication in an atmosphere of mutual trust and teachers develop skills of self-reflection and self-assessment which fosters life-long learning

    Regional Stakeholder Group Certified Teacher Representative Participants

    • Early Childhood Teacher
    • Elementary Counselor
    • Elementary Media Specialist
    • Elementary Teacher- Core
    • Elementary Teacher- Elective
    • High School Teacher- Core
    • High School Teacher- Elective
    • Middle School Teacher- Core
    • Middle School Teacher- Elective
    • Nurse
    • Psychometrist
    • Secondary Counselor
    • Secondary Media Specialist
    • Special Education Teacher
    • Speech Pathologist
    • Teacher of the Year Finalist

    The projected date for the first meeting will be October 2016. If you have any interest in becoming an advisory group representative, please contact

    More information will be available at a later date.