20x2020 Newsletter | November 12, 2015

November 2015  

Success Story: Employment Security Commission

When Asset Manager Brad Wilkerson was given the responsibility of being OESC’s energy manager, he knew he would have to find ways to integrate his current knowledge and responsibilities to be successful. Establishing systematic and consistent walkthroughs were one of his first areas of priority since, as experience had shown, understanding what was happening in his buildings would give him insight into opportunities for improvement. This was particularly important since OESC has to manage energy costs in facilities across the state.

Brad worked alongside his area managers to develop a reporting process to work seamlessly with everyone’s existing responsibilities. Building managers are responsible for daily walkthroughs at the beginning and end of each workday. Since many of OESC’s offices do not have building automation systems, managing the daily opening and closing of these buildings is paramount. Area managers then report the results to Brad every other week as part of their regularly scheduled calls. The information gleaned from these calls allows the team to identify strategic requirements for their program to be successful, such as working with the cleaning crews that come in after hours. Additionally, Brad has identified ways to pair the walkthrough information with EnergyCAP data in order to prioritize efforts for those buildings with the most need. 

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Upcoming Project Exemption Deadline

Project exemptions are due Nov. 30, 2015, for billing period quarter three of CY 2015. Organizations must submit exemptions on any specific projects that have resulted in energy savings that they would like to remove from ES2’s fee calculations. Any project completed between July 1, 2014, and Sept. 30, 2015, must be submitted by Nov. 30, 2015, to be considered for an exemption. 

For a complete submission, please submit each request through the online form and email IPMVP-adherent supporting documentation to 20x2020@omes.ok.gov.  Further information is available in the online instructions.

If you have any questions about this process, please email 20x2020@omes.ok.gov.

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November Webinar: Common Area Conservation

The November energy manager webinar is titled, “Common Area Conservation.”

Public or common areas provide an excellent opportunity for energy managers to incorporate others in the fight against energy waste. For example, conference and break rooms are unique spaces with variable energy usage and needs. Since these spaces are often vacant for an extended period of time, energy use should be minimized when the space is not in use. Moreover, since nearly every employee uses these spaces, engagement there can efficiently reach a broad portion of the building occupants.

In this month’s webinar, we will introduce systems and ideas that will help energy managers to address their common areas.

Organizations that have issued a purchase order to ES2 in order to enroll in the behavioral program are invited to register for the webinar. Please register at least one hour in advance of the webinar. 


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Energy Saving Tip: Fall is Here

Fall is here and the inefficient space heaters are making their appearances. To help prevent this, be proactive and start preparing for winter. Take time to inspect your building envelope, specifically checking for leaks around windows and doors, and weatherize where necessary and feasible. Ask your building occupants to check the vents and heating units in their areas and verify that they are unobstructed and not being used as extra shelf space. As temperatures change, make sure heating and cooling systems are only running when necessary and don’t forget to reprogram your automated systems for the new weather patterns.

If you have any questions or ideas on tips to share, please contact Morgan Miller of ES2 at mmiller@es2ok.com or 405-528-4500. 

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20x2020 Upcoming Dates

Please mark your calendar:


  • Nov. 19 | 2-3 p.m. | ES2 
    Energy Manager  Webinar
  • Nov. 30 | Q3 Project Exemptions Due

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