20x2020 Newsletter | May 13, 2015

ES2 Behavioral Program Webinar: Gaining Support and Involvement of Leadership

This month’s ES2 energy manager webinar is titled "Gaining Support and Involvement of Leadership."

Energy managers across the state have done a great job of drafting energy conservation guidelines and strategic plans to educate and engage building operators and occupants. However, energy managers need the support of their top organizational leaders to get approval for those plans, break through red tape to implement them and receive recognition of the progress made despite many challenges. This session will help energy managers strategically engage their leadership to build support for their energy conservation program.

Organizations that have issued a purchase order to ES2 in order to enroll in the behavioral program are invited to register for this month's energy manager webinar. Please register at least one hour in advance of the webinar. 


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Extra ES2 Webinar: Building Operational Technology — Integrating Controls Systems

This May, ES2 will begin an additional series of webinars related to building systems equipment. These sessions will often feature guest speakers and will cover a range of energy savings opportunities, including a variety of behavioral and upgrade strategies.

As a continuation of April’s introduction to HVAC controls, this month’s webinar is titled "Building Operational Technology — Integrating Controls Systems.”

Many buildings have an outdated building automation system, a patchwork of equipment controllers from various manufacturers, or controls on several building systems with separate user interfaces. In each of these scenarios, control systems integration can be a cost effective strategy to help building operators manage their facilities for occupant comfort and energy savings. Register online for this session to learn about the common capabilities of control systems integration, the benefits of open source communications protocols and other considerations in pursuing this strategy.

Organizations that have issued a purchase order to ES2 in order to enroll in the behavioral program are invited to register for this month's energy manager webinar. Please register at least one hour in advance of the webinar. 


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Upcoming Project Exemption Deadline

Project exemptions are due May 31, 2015, for billing period quarter one of CY 2015. Organizations must submit exemptions on any specific projects that have resulted in energy savings that they would like to remove from ES2’s fee calculations. Any project completed between April 1, 2014, and March 31, 2015, must be submitted by May 31, 2015, to be considered for an exemption. 

For a complete submission, please submit each request through the online form and email IPMVP-adherent supporting documentation to 20x2020@omes.ok.gov.  Further information is available in the online instructions.

If you have any questions about this process, please email 20x2020@omes.ok.gov.

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EnergyCAP Webinar: ES2 Quarterly Report Overview

The ES2 Quarterly Report Overview on June 2 at 2:00 p.m. is our last webinar in the EnergyCAP implementation period. In this webinar, we will provide a detailed overview of the report describing where the data comes from within EnergyCAP Online. We will also review calculations and cover the normalized data process used in the report.

If you have any questions concerning the upcoming webinar please contact the State Energy Programs Office (SEPO) at 20x2020@omes.ok.gov.


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Can’t See Your Savings? Let Us Shed Some Light on That

Each individual has the opportunity to contribute to our goal of reducing energy consumption 20 percent by proactively finding small ways to help.

Energy efficient lighting systems use the minimum amount of electricity necessary to provide the illumination required for the work being done. Inadequate lighting can affect worker productivity and health, but this may not always be a result of having too few bulbs. Along with discoloration, the accumulation of dirt and other particles can account for up to a 40 percent reduction in lighting efficiency.

By gently cleaning your lighting fixtures and bulbs, you may find that as more of the light from each bulb reaches your work surface, you require fewer bulbs or fixtures for adequate lighting. Eliminating some bulbs or fixtures is an easy way to contribute to your energy savings goal.

Before adding fixtures to an under-lit space, first ensure that the current fixtures and bulbs are clean and provide their maximum output.

Best practices recommend a regular schedule of cleaning lighting fixtures should be integrated into each organization’s preventative maintenance routine. As a rule of thumb, this cleaning should be done twice a year. However, fixtures with excessive buildup (such as in a dusty environment) may require multiple cleanings a year. By following this recommendation, organizations can increase their energy savings and still have plenty of light to continue their important work.

**Lenses and reflectors should be cleaned according to manufacturer specifications and only after ensuring that the necessary precautions have been taken. 

If you have any questions or ideas on tips to share, please contact Morgan Miller of ES2 at mmiller@es2ok.com or 405-528-4500. 

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