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February 2024

SoonerSelect Coverage

SoonerSelect Dental

SoonerSelect dental enrollment coverage began on February 1. You can still change your plan if you want. You have 90 days after your first day of coverage to change plans. Be sure to review the plans and the added benefits that each provides. 

SoonerSelect Health 

Enrollment for the SoonerSelect health program closes on March 10. If you haven't already, please compare plans and the extra benefits of each plan. Then pick the one that is right for you. If you have a doctor or other provider you want to keep seeing, you should pick a plan that has your provider in the plan's network. If you do not pick a plan by March 10, OHCA will pick a plan for you.

Children's Specialty Program

Enrollment for the Children's Specialty Program (CSP) closes on March 10. SoonerCare members who are former foster care children and children receiving adoption assistance can enroll in the CSP plan or another health plan. If you do not pick a plan by March 10, you will be enrolled in the CSP plan. Children in foster care and certain children in the care of the Oklahoma Office of Juvenile Affairs will be automatically enrolled in CSP.

American Indians/Alaska Natives

AI/AN members can choose to opt-in to a SoonerSelect health but are not required to. If you are changing to SoonerSelect health, you can pick your health plan after you opt in. You can compare the benefits of each plan and pick the right plan for you. You can enroll in a SoonerSelect Plan by calling the Choice Counseling hotline at 800-987-7767, option 5.

If you have any questions, please visit or call the helpline at 800-987-7767.

Heart Health Takes Center Stage in February

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Did you know quitting smoking is one of the most impactful actions for heart health? Within just 1 to 2 years of saying goodbye to tobacco, your risk of a heart attack drops significantly.

As a SoonerCare member, you can access tobacco cessation benefits to support you on this journey. By taking advantage of your benefits, you’re taking the first step toward a healthier heart and paving the way for a brighter, smoke-free future.

Embrace American Heart Month with open arms and a clear goal: to reduce the toll of tobacco on our hearts. Learn more about your benefits and take that pivotal step towards a healthier heart.

Find a Nutrition Balance

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Winter weather can often lead people to overeat, resulting in unwanted pounds. Finding a balance is key, especially if you have diabetes. SoonerCare offers a benefit for education on this challenge or others you may have. Ask your doctor if you qualify for the diabetes self-management education and support (DSMES) benefit and request a referral today.

Have You Received a Member Survey?

OHCA is sending surveys to some SoonerCare members. We are working to make your member experience the best it can be. If you get a survey, use the provided link or phone number to take the survey. The survey is available in English and Spanish and takes just a few minutes to complete.

Earn Up to $580

Photo of a young pregnant woman

Are you currently pregnant and on SoonerCare?
You could earn up to $580 by participating in a research study about smoking habits. To be eligible, you must be a SoonerCare member at least 18 years of age and be no more than 25 weeks pregnant. Participants must be willing to stop smoking cannabis and other combustible tobacco products during the study. Participants must be able to speak and understand English.

Once enrolled, SoonerCare members will complete six (6) paid surveys over 6 to 10 months. They will get coaching calls and may receive nicotine replacement therapy. They may also get incentives for completing parts of treatment and for quitting smoking. Contact the Helpline at 1-800-QUIT-NOW. Enroll in the multiple call program to see if you qualify for the study.

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Getting the Support You Need After SoonerCare

Photo of senior woman receiving support

OHCA has partnered with Unite Oklahoma, a supportive network of community-based groups and health care providers. Unite Oklahoma offers extra resources to SoonerCare members transitioning off of or recently disenrolled from SoonerCare coverage.

Are you a community member looking for food, housing, transportation, peer support or other services? Fill out the secure form on the Unite Oklahoma website.

SoonerCare Pharmacy Benefits

SoonerCare members can use almost any pharmacy in Oklahoma. To find a pharmacy near you, use the OHCA Provider Directory. Select “SoonerCare” as the plan. Then, select “Pharmacy” as the specialty. Next, select your city or town. You will then see all the nearby pharmacies that take SoonerCare. There is also an alphabetized list of pharmacies.

The maximum number and cost of prescriptions you can get each month depends on your age.

Ages 21+:

  • 6 total prescriptions each month
  • 2 brand name drugs each month
  • Copay for each prescription is $4

Ages 0-20 years:

  • Unlimited number of prescriptions
  • 2 brand name drugs each month
  • No copay

SoonerCare also covers some over-the-counter drugs with a prescription from your provider. Some drugs don’t even count against the monthly prescription limit. Examples include prenatal vitamins, birth control, some drugs to treat HIV/AIDS and cancer, and some smoking cessation products.

Do you want to make the most of your prescription drug benefit? Ask for a 90-day supply of your maintenance or daily drugs. Many drugs are on the 90-day maintenance drug list.

If you have questions, visit the pharmacy FAQ page or call the pharmacy help desk at 405-522-6205, option 4. Or call toll-free 800-522-0114, option 4.

Requesting a Call Back from SoonerCare?

For SoonerCare to fulfill your request, please make sure spam blocking is turned off on your phone. Sometimes when we return a call, it can show up as spam. Our phone number may also come up as a Colorado or Florida number on your caller ID.

About OHCA

Please call the SoonerCare helpline at 800-987-7767 if you have questions about your coverage or benefits. For updates on new policies, health tips, helpful resources and more, follow OHCA on Facebook and X. The Oklahoma Health Care Authority does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age or disability in employment or the provision of services.

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