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Medication Emergency Preparedness

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    Tornados. Floods. Fires. Spring weather in Oklahoma can be extreme! Here are some tips to help you prepare for an emergency:

    •  Make a list of all your medications, including non-prescription (over-the-counter) medicine. 
    •  Take pictures of your medications and their labels.

    •  Keep extra medical supplies such as test strips, needles and syringes on hand.
    •  Place your medication in a sealable bag or container. (If possible, keep them in their original containers with their original labels. )
    •  If you have medication that needs to be refrigerated, decide how you will store them.  
    • Write down your SoonerCare member ID number and the name(s) and phone number(s) for your doctor and pharmacy. Store this information along with your medications. 

    Have questions about your prescription medication? Call the SoonerCare Pharmacy Help Desk at 1-800-522-0114 option 4.

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    Good Oral Health Starts Early

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    A healthy smile begins early. Developing good oral hygiene habits will set your child on a path that will help prevent dental problems later on in life.

    Visiting the dentist every six months for cleanings and exams can do a lot to keep your child’s teeth healthy.

    SoonerCare covers these services at no cost to you. Our benefits also include fillings, fluoride and more for members 20 and younger.

     Visit our dental page to learn more.

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    SoonerFit Art Contest Winner!

    Check out this year's winning entry! The winner, Falak M.,  is a student at Piedmont Middle School. The theme was "You are what you eat".

    an art picture of a mans face made of different fruits and vegetables

    To find more fun challenges, healthy recipes and exercise tips, go to

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    Tips to Keep Kids Hydrated

    Drinking water has many health benefits. Water helps to flush toxins from your body and prevent dehydration. Dehydration can cause headaches, tiredness and lack of focus. These symptoms make it harder for them to perform their best.

    little girl drinking from a blue water bottle

    Getting kids to drink water can be hard, but here are a few tips you can use to help them meet their daily needs:

    • Encourage your child to drink water in the morning and regularly during the day, especially at mealtime.
    • Many fruits and vegetables contain water, so include them as a regular part of their diet.
    • Set the example! Let your child see you drink water so they are encouraged to do the same.

    Keep in mind the amount of water your child needs depends on age, weight, gender and whether or not they play sports. Talk to his or her doctor to determine how much water your child should drink every day.

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    Trying to quit? Did you know you can use the gum and the patch together to curb your nicotine cravings? SoonerCare covers the cost of both products with a prescription from your doctor. Talk to your doctor today about these options or other products that might work best for you to help you quit.

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    SoonerCare Gives This Mom Peace of Mind

    mother sitting with her two kids

    “My story is simple: I am thankful for SoonerCare and all those who make it possible and available for individuals and families like mine.”

    For Kim’s family, having health coverage means her children get dental services, vision exams and well child checks without worry. SoonerCare provides peace of mind and access to care that may otherwise be hard to come by for many families.

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    Tell Others About the Newsletter!

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    Do you know anyone who is caring for someone covered by SoonerCare, but they are not receiving the newsletters? Visit the "Sign up for SoonerCare Newsletters" page and then share the link with friends and family.

    You can also go to, click on the drop down menu located under the "Individual tab" and choose " Member Newsletter Sign Up".  It's that easy!

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    Important Reminders


    Have you been in an accident recently and now you're receiving mail from SoonerCare? Do you need help with the form or just want to know why you are receiving it? Check out our helpful frequently asked questions and answers at


    SoonerCare has stopped mailing out member ID cards. If you still want a physical card, you can print it yourself online through your member portal. Watch our helpful "How To: Print a New SoonerCare ID Card video" for assistance.

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    Do you have a story about how SoonerCare has made a positive difference in your life? Whether we've helped with a life-saving medical treatment or the opportunity to receive routine medical care for your child, we'd love to hear from you! Click here to tell your #MySoonerCare story!

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