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March 2019


Attention! Please Watch for These Important Mailings from HealthChoice.

  • 1095-B form (March).
  • Beneficiary reminder (April).

If you need assistance or have questions, call HealthChoice Member Services at 405-717-8780 or toll-free 800-752-9475. TTY users call 711.

HealthChoice 1095-B Form coming to you.

In compliance with the Affordable Care Act, HealthChoice must send an annual 1095-B form reporting the type of health coverage, dependents covered and the period of coverage each member had during the previous year. HealthChoice is also required to electronically submit this information to the IRS. In the event that HealthChoice is notified by the IRS that these submissions do not match, HealthChoice is required to request the matching information. (The most common reason for a mismatch is a discrepancy in Social Security number and name.)

All necessary efforts to maintain and protect personal information are taken, and personal information is only used and disclosed by OMES and entities under contract with OMES according to HIPAA Privacy Rules using the “minimum necessary” standard, which releases only the minimum necessary health information to achieve the intended purpose or to carry out a desired function within OMES.

HealthChoice may not have your beneficiary information.

If you are enrolled in the HealthChoice Life Insurance Plan and have not named a beneficiary or your beneficiary information has changed, you must notify HealthChoice.

Without a signed beneficiary designation on file at the time of your death, HealthChoice must make payment to your estate. Also, payment of life benefits can be delayed if your beneficiary information is not current. When addresses or names are not current, it is difficult for HealthChoice to locate your beneficiaries.

HealthChoice is conducting its annual courtesy reminder to members for whom no beneficiary information is on file or the beneficiary information is outdated. You can update your beneficiary information at any time by sending a written request or completed Beneficiary Designation Form.

HealthChoice Offers FREE Medical Care!

Understanding your health care costs just got easier. HealthChoice Select is a program through which specified services are offered at no cost to the member. The program is available to any member or dependent enrolled in a HealthChoice health plan, and there is no requirement to sign up or opt in to participate.

HealthChoice Select participating facilities have agreed to accept one bundled payment for certain procedures at a reduced rate, and HealthChoice is passing all savings on to members. All you have to do is have one of the qualifying HealthChoice Select procedures done at a participating HealthChoice Select facility – and you pay nothing for that visit. HealthChoice High Deductible Health Plan participants must meet your annual deductible before you are eligible to get the service for free, but you can still save from the reduce rate offered at our Select facilities.

Visit the HealthChoice Select Provider Search page to find out what procedures qualify under the HealthChoice Select program and which network facilities throughout Oklahoma are participating for those procedures. Customer care is also available to help guide members through the HealthChoice Select process and ensure members have a positive, beneficial experience. Call customer care toll-free at 800-323-4314. TTY users call 711.