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Take Advantage of Our New Care Coordination Program

On Jan. 1, 2017, HealthChoice announced its new Care Coordination program available to all pre-Medicare former employees and their surviving dependents enrolled in a HealthChoice health plan. If you have chronic conditions, you will greatly benefit from this new program.

A few key benefits of the new HealthChoice Care Coordination program include:

  • 24/7 nurse advice line for triage and information.
  • Education on prescribed medications and how to take them properly.
  • Focus on preventive care, with financial incentives on many preventive procedures.
  • Rewards and support for participating in wellness activities.
  • Optional health risk assessment tools to identify existing conditions, potential for future disease or illness, and gaps in care to proactively manage health conditions or risks.
  • Resources for development and achievement of personal health care related goals and access to educational resources and tools to promote choices and healthier living.

Visit for more information on how care coordination works; plus access member resources, including the 24/7 nurse advice line, frequently asked questions, health-related articles, health risk assessments and more. If you have questions, please call 405-652-1041 or toll-free 855-445-1471.

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Have You Named a Beneficiary?

Are you enrolled in the HealthChoice Life Insurance Plan but have not named a beneficiary? Maybe your beneficiary information has changed, but you have not let HealthChoice know.

Be aware that if there is no signed beneficiary designation on file with HealthChoice at the time of your death, payment must be made to your estate. Also, if your beneficiary information is not current, payment of life benefits can be delayed. For example, when addresses or names are not current, it is difficult for HealthChoice to locate your beneficiaries.

Every spring, HealthChoice checks to ensure a Beneficiary Designation Form is on file for every member enrolled in the life insurance plan. As a courtesy, if a current form is not on file, HealthChoice mails a letter requesting you complete and return the enclosed form. This helps ensure your life insurance benefits are paid as you intend them to be.

You can update your beneficiary information at any time by sending a written request or completing a new form. To inform HealthChoice now, download the Beneficiary Designation Form from the website. If you need assistance, call member services at 405-717-8780 or toll-free 800-752-9475. TDD users call 405-949-2281 or toll-free 866-447-0436.             

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EGID Assists You with the Retirement Insurance Process

 Don’t Be Left Behind

As you plan for retirement, be aware there are steps you must take before you leave active employment to continue insurance coverage as a former employee. To help you, EGID has a dedicated web page, Planning for Insurance Needs at Retirement.

Here you can access the guide, Planning for Your Insurance Needs as a Former Employee, which conveniently includes all necessary forms and details about the retirement insurance process.

In addition, on the same web page, you can view a Comparison of Benefits guide for the different Medicare health plans available. This information is useful when you add health coverage at retirement or must change your plan due to moving outside your plan’s service area.

Pre-Retirement Insurance Seminars

Also on the web page, you can access the Pre-Retirement Insurance Seminar Schedule. These seminars provide information about your insurance options at retirement and allow you the opportunity to speak one-on-one with a specialist.

We will also be offering a video slide presentation to view at your convenience from your computer.

All necessary forms must be received by EGID 30 days prior to the date your employer coverage will end. To obtain the forms you need, download them from the EGID Forms and Applications page or contact your insurance or benefits coordinator. If you need further assistance, call EGID Member Services at 405-717-8780 or toll-free 800-752-9475. TDD users call 405-949-2281 or toll-free 866-447-0436.

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