OSBD InBox Newsletter: CBAO Hosts FDIC Banker Outreach

Volume 15                                                                                     November 1, 2023

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CBAO Hosts FDIC Banker Outreach Program

Commissioner Mick Thompson offered comments on October 26, 2023, to open an FDIC Banker Outreach event hosted by the Community Bankers Association of Oklahoma.  The event convened at the Waterford Hotel in Oklahoma City with attendees representing Oklahoma banks, the FDIC, and the Oklahoma State Banking Department.  Thompson discussed the Department's relationship with the FDIC and especially the cooperation from local and regional FDIC offices. Commissioner Thompson also discussed his recent meeting with the FDIC’s Chairman Gruenberg to explain issues of federal regulatory burdens that fall especially heavy on community banks.   

Other Banking Department staff attending the event included Deputy Commissioner Dudley Gilbert, who participated on a panel addressing current banking issues, and Bob Toler, Review Officer.  FDIC presentations addressed Consumer Affairs issues, third-party risk management and information technology.

The FDIC was represented by Regional Director Kristie Elmquist, Deputy Regional Director David Wright, Assistant Regional Director Joe Meade, Field Supervisor Lyndal Ballew, and other senior FDIC staff.

pictured above: Oklahoma Bank Commissioner Mick Thompson

pictured below: Oklahoma Deputy Bank Commissioner Dudley Gilbert, FDIC Assistant Regional Director Rafael Valle, and FDIC Assistant Regional Director Joe Meade

2023-10-26 FDIC Banker Outreach 02

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