OSBD InBox Newsletter: Thompson Presents Longevity Awards

                                                                                                        January 3, 2022

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2021 Longevity Awards (1)

Thompson Presents Awards to OSBD Personnel

Pursuant to rules and regulations promulgated by the Committee for Incentive Awards for State Employees, state employees shall be recognized for their length of service to the state. The following individuals were recognized this year and presented with longevity lapel pins for continued service to the State:

Thirty-Five Years:

Daryl Jones, Senior Examiner
Rick Nelson, Supervisory Examiner

Thirty Years:

Michael Kellum, Senior Examiner

Twenty-Five Years:

Gwen Wright, Senior Examiner 

Five Years:

Kendall McDaniel, Regional Examiner
Chance Richardson, Examiner
Bob Toler, Review Officer

In addition to the longevity awards, Commissioner Thompson recognized Monty Brant for his promotion to the position of Senior Examiner effective December 1, 2021.

pictured above, left to right: Daryl Jones, Mick Thompson, Monty Brant, and Rick Nelson

pictured below, left to right: Kendall McDaniel, Mick Thompson, Gwen Wright, Chance Richardson, and Michael Kellum

2021 Longevity Awards (2)


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